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Community Team General Update: May 31st, 2012

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Community Team General Update: May 31st, 2012
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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05.31.2012 , 11:53 AM | #51
What's there to discuss?

Nice to meet you and all that, now bring us someone with real information, thanks.

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05.31.2012 , 11:53 AM | #52
Great step in the right direction.
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05.31.2012 , 11:53 AM | #53
I have an interesting question for you guys.

We get asked a lot "What do you (the players) want? What features, Ops, etc do would you like to see in the future of this game?"

Well, what does the Community Team of SW:TOR want? What does the future community look like to you guys? Are there any new features you would like to see in-game or on the forums that would help out immensely with your jobs?
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05.31.2012 , 11:54 AM | #54
Will the community changes affect your events that are being planned? Since fans would need to buy tickets ahead of time, it would be nice to get a quick update if there were any changes.

Specifically, it was implied by David Bass and Stephen Reid that they were going to try to make the SW:TOR event at Star Wars: Celebration VI the 'big' event for the trade show season. Is this still the goal of the community team? Is it still an official SWTOR event?

Thanks for your update.

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05.31.2012 , 11:54 AM | #55 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Quote: Originally Posted by MarshalVaako View Post

Just popping in to say not everyone in the community is full of bile. There are those who not only love SWTOR but still have faith in Bioware and the future of the game.

Thank you for the introductions and I look forward to seeing how this will aid in future development.

Thanks for the positive post. Our community has a ton of awesome, passionate members who are here discussing the game, posting guides, and sharing information and experiences. We also have players who have concerns, and we DO want to see those concerns expressed (so long as they're posted civilly and constructively). Constructive, specific feedback is essential in helping us pass information to the developers.

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05.31.2012 , 11:55 AM | #56
Does Chris Collins not play SWTOR or why does the article tells us what everyone is playing except for him?
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05.31.2012 , 11:55 AM | #57
Can we get a speach from Eric?

Welcome to the community Eric

Careful, we bite.

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05.31.2012 , 11:56 AM | #58
Hey there, thanks for the post! Appreciate all the good news. One quick question if you don't mind. At the end of your post you said:
"We’re excited about these new changes, and we hope that you are as well. We are committed to working with the community and we will continue to do so through Game Update 1.3, Character Transfers, and beyond."\

Does this imply that Character Transfers and Game Update 1.3 are on different deployment cycles? Meaning one will come before the other? Hopefully that Character Transfers come first to build the community than deploy the group finder and Allies update with ranked wz's. This would make alot of sense to find where you want to stay before the update. Thanks!

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05.31.2012 , 11:56 AM | #59
Quote: Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez View Post
He just did! The French team and the German team!

Oops my bad, sorry

That's what we're aiming to do
Ouch, good luck with that, though it should calm down some of the real fruitloops having u guys actually in the threads
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05.31.2012 , 11:58 AM | #60
It's nice to see stuff like this once in a while, Bioware gains +30 Affection Points