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Thriple Que

Smanchi_Norton's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 09:03 AM | #1
Hi, today i tried enter a que and after 1300 people to 350 left it says connection lost, then i tried again from 1500 to 120 and it said again connection lost now i am again 1500 to 500 , i log yesterday just fine played the game several times there were no problems.
It had been 5 hours waiting ona que. Fantastic, what can i say more ;
any SWtor Representative can help me or do something about this, i really wonder.

Hope 1 swtor represantative replies to this, but i dont think they will.
I know it's just the beging of the game and these things can happen but Swtor must find a solution for this and must be quick , i canceled my 2 more games for my family , just will continue and wait with 1.

I am sure there are many others this happened to them.
Please Help Us SWTOR peeps!