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Guild Mail

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05.10.2012 , 04:37 PM | #1
Are you ever going to add guild mail to the game so we can send out information to our guilds?
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05.29.2012 , 08:16 AM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by Jyde View Post
Are you ever going to add guild mail to the game so we can send out information to our guilds?
Its is Perplexing to me as to why they have not included such an important ability. It is vital for guild leaders to be able to communicate with their guild members in game and not on a website. The message of the day board allows for only one short sentence to be posted.

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05.29.2012 , 04:42 PM | #3
Guild mail is becoming an increasingly important issue in my experience.
Especially when you're a guild leader and want to send mails to your members about 'rules & guidelines', an upcoming event or - if you have a guildcouncil or something similar - about points to discuss in a meeting, etc...
It's just way too much work to copy & paste the text in every new mail you're going to create.

A possibility to address several people at once, by typing the names separated by a semicolon, for example, would be a good start, but if your guild is pretty big, than that wouldn't be sufficient either...

So, what about a scrolldown menu where you can choose from a selection? A lot like how we can do it now, but one which stays open, where you can select options like 'guild' to send mail to the entire guild (only for those with the guild mail rights to prevent other members from possibly spamming the guild mail), and which also shows every toon's name... Then it's just a matter of selecting those you want to send the mail to.. you click an 'okay' button or so, and voil, you can send to multiple people at once.

(Just some thoughts that many people have probably extensively expressed before, but it's always good to think along with the devs and give them ideas, right? )
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05.30.2012 , 07:30 AM | #4
Greetings everyone!

This was recently addressed in our Community Q+A for May 4th, 2012:

Giand-Amazone: Im a guild leader, and as a guild leader I want to be able to send out mails to my whole guild. Right now this is only possible by sending out mails one by one to all of my members, which is very tedious. Will there be an option to send out mails to the whole guild at once?

Damion: We have plans - it was one of the more requested features to come out of the Guild Summit, and we took feedback from the guild leaders very seriously. So its in the works, but we have no ETA at this time. When the feature comes, expect it to have constraints on the amount that it can be used to prevent it being used to spam and to keep data storage under control. In the meantime, the MOTD (Message of the Day) remains the best way to communicate to players, and the guilds I run with use it to direct players to their own website.
You can find this answer and more in the Weekly Q&A Archive!

We hope this is of assistance in answering your question!

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05.30.2012 , 07:37 AM | #5
Personally, i find a better way to communicate with guildies is via the guild's website. Ongoing discussions and suggestions are much easier to communicate via my guild forums than they are via email. It would be a nightmare to receive 250+ replies and sort through them via guild email. But i can see where small guilds that don't have their own websites might find guild email useful.
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05.30.2012 , 10:53 AM | #6
Agree with you Jyde. Guild tools, or the lack of, at the moment is for me and many of my fellow officers the main thing wrong with Tor for us, with no dates confirmed but "no ETA". The game is now 5 months old. This is a mmorpg yet guilds dont have the basic tools available to them.

We have a guild website so we use that, but it would also be very handy to send a mail to the guild also. We had this in SWG and sent events info, game information (ie stuff like info on Rakual infection event) and used it to make members gameplay more enjoyable. SOE assumed that officers in a guild would be responsible players so would not spam guild mail, treating us like grown ups and if guilds did spam mail, im sure it wouldnt be long till members got fed up and left the guild. Our guild in Lotro has a guild mail which you can send out once per day only but even thats an improvement on Tor. The message of the day isnt good enough, with too little characters allowed. We have 3 events this week, we cant even fit them all in.

5 months in and the sheer lack of guild features is now having me wonder wether Tor is the right game for our guild of 7 years. Guild Wars 2 on launch will have many more guild features than we have here at the moment and probably will suit a guild of 300+ like we have here. Our guild leader said to me about 6 weeks ago this doesnt seem the game for us and i disagreed with him but now im wondering as just cant see any update notes and expected dates of implemention.

The 1 feature we have had added so far, the bank, with extremely high costs for bays, has become redundant since the launch of Legacy, due to legacys high costs, as players now save for thier legacy perks instead of contributing like they used to.

Tor- really enjoy the game, even at level 50 but starting to look at other mmorpgs like Guild Wars 2 that are more social and guild friendly that will benefit our community. Hopefully Tor will have a few new guild friendly features before GuildWars 2 goes live.

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05.30.2012 , 10:57 AM | #7
SWG and Rift had this ability from the start, or at least, ever since the day(s) I played it.

It's strange that ToR is sold as an MMO, but lacks basic MMO tools like the guild mail.

All you guys had to do was add a button for guild leaders and members with permission to mail the guild... that disabled sending items; boom. Done. Simple.
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06.01.2012 , 11:50 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Ellvaan View Post
Greetings everyone!

This was recently addressed in our Community Q+A for May 4th, 2012:

You can find this answer and more in the Weekly Q&A Archive!

We hope this is of assistance in answering your question!
Thank you! Now that I see this, I remember reading it indeed. I feel so silly.
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