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Preparing for 50

republicommandox's Avatar

05.29.2012 , 11:07 AM | #1
Hi I just hit lvl 40 on my vanguard a couple days ago and Im well on my way to level 50. I was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions on ways to prepare for when I hit 50. My main concern is what armor I need to get and how i get it. (please list the best pvp armor you can get currently no matter how exspensive). I prefer pvp by a long shot but wouldnt mind doing a raid or flashpoint once in a while. Please leave a comment thank you.

Jadescythe's Avatar

05.29.2012 , 11:17 AM | #2
Start stocking up on Warzone comms if you plan on doing level 50 PVP. The bottom set is recruit gear which costs credits, so you'll need plenty of them (I want to say 200 or 300k for the full set). I wouldn't suggest even stepping in a warzone without this set or you will just get destroyed, expertise is everything. Battlemaster gear is purchased with warzone comms, anywhere from 600-1600 comms a piece. If you have the maximum 2000 comms when you hit 50, then you can pick up a few pieces to get started. If you already have the max wz comms, then convert some over to ranked wz comms. 10 ranked comms will cost you 30 wz comms, but you need ranked comms to buy the next tier, which is war hero. You'll also have to trade in the equivilant battlemaster piece along with ranked comms (up to 3500 comms for some pieces). The max on ranked comms is 5000, so you can have a ton saved up if you PVP frequently before 50.

The recruit gear is pretty decent in PVE as well and it can get you started with running some of the early hard mode flashpoints to start gearing for PVE. PVE gear progression is Tionese, Columni, Rakata, and then Campaign/Black Hole. If you want info on gearing for PVE, check out the latest Q&A where they discussed it, but I focused on PVP since that seemed to be what you were looking to do. Hope this helps.
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05.29.2012 , 04:25 PM | #3
Some players have purchased weapons from the PvP vendors to rip out the enhancements that have expertise on them to use in their orange gear right when they hit 50. That, combined with making purple level 49 mods and armorings will help to ease the transition...... at least it did in my case.

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05.29.2012 , 09:32 PM | #4
Not sure how relevant this will be for PVP but: you can start your Balmorra dailies at level 47
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