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pve gear

ipwntigers's Avatar

05.28.2012 , 10:03 PM | #1
ok so im new to pve i have only done one fp and it was a low level one. i was wondering what gear i should be trying to get to start pve with my guild. im a vanguard dps on my main. right now im only leveling through pvp but i have done up to chapter 2 on story. im working to get battlemaster right now. what im trying to ask is what is good gear to be trying to get to start doing hm and what should be the best set of gear for end game pve? and how would i go about getting this gear. as you can tell this is my first mmo

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05.29.2012 , 09:52 AM | #2
The Vanguard sub forum has guides, builds, tips, etc
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05.29.2012 , 11:02 AM | #3
Hey ipwntigers, there are a lot of guides around that can help you out, but I'll try to give you a quick overview.

First of all, PVP gear is great for PVP because of its Expertise, but it has lowered stats compared to PVE gear of the same level. If you want to do Hard Mode Flashpoints and Ops, Battlemaster gear isn't the best you can get.

In the Supplies area of the Fleet there are 4 trooper vendors you should pay attention to. They give out the best PVE gear: Tionese, Columi, Rakata, and Black Hole/Campaign, in that order. In most cases, there are different variants of each kind of gear. Look them all over and trade for the ones you like best.

1. Doing HM Flashpoints will get you Tionese Crystals and Commendations which you can trade in for Tionese Gear.
2. Bosses in HM FPs and Normal Ops can drop tokens for Columi gear; you can trade these tokens to the Columi vendor and pick out whichever piece you like the best.
3. You can get Rakata tokens from Hard Mode Ops and normal mode Explosive Conflict (the 3rd Op).
4. Campaign gear can only be found in HM Explosive Conflict.

Black Hole gear needs Black Hole Commendations, which you can get from the Weekly quest in the Black Hole on Correlia, or from certain Flashpoint Dailies or Weeklies on the fleet.

The basic guide is "Tionese->Columi->Rakata->Campaign". Do FPs, then HM FPs, then Ops, then HM Ops to get what you need. Here are some charts I use for reference:

Flashpoint Gear Guide:
Ops Gear Guide:

Post if you have any questions!