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Karragas Palace Droid fight help.

budoy's Avatar

05.29.2012 , 06:36 AM | #11
I would just like to know what particular gears would suit up best with this quest? would it be just ok if we only have battlemaster set of gears? Thanks in advance

SvnStrSlm's Avatar

05.29.2012 , 07:14 AM | #12
I see alot of people using 3 people on the controls. we use 2 people, me an infiltration shadow to run the left and mid console and some one else. the key is to use knock backs to move the droids out of the way. healers should be anle to get to the steps to hit us if we need it. the biggest thing is getting good at the puzzle. always go side to sid and never use the middle ignition. with all the pieces on the left side you take the I all the way right, II to the middle, I to the middle, III to the right, I left, II right, I right. memorize that pattern and its an easy fight dont worry about dpsing in between if you on the puzzles, just keep solving and blasting him. Best advice is try to put the most under geared people on the puzzle with endurance stim and some type of shield/absorb relic.