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05.23.2012 , 09:37 PM | #1
I feel as though the issue has been blown over or maybe they really did fix it idk, but I still struggle with severe performance issues.
Alderaan has become better but still its hard to play the game.
Idk how Bioware thinks of performance should be, my belief is that no matter what your are doing within the game be it opening your inventory, running around in the fleet, solo questing, or pvping the game should run at the same fps throughout it all. Should it not? I understand minor frame loss during time on the fleet because of how many people "could" be on it. but if I can run 30 fps just running around on the fleet 50 if stand in a corner and don't move 60 if i set swtor.exe. on high priority and go hide in a corner on Ord Mantell and the best is if I play a Warzone and get like 4-9.
Like I said I understand minor performance drop depending on your activity but the range is ridiculous is it not? Am I wrong? On top of that the only setting that matters when I change it is shadows other than that no matter what settings I choose the game runs exactly the same so I just ask Bioware any increases in performance anytime soon? Where is it on your guy's radar? And to players do you still experience performance issues.

I am a Star Wars Fan Boi, Bioware idealist at heart I love their m.o. for making games and MMOS are my favorite genre, this game was made for me I love it to death I bought the Collectors edition and have been subscribed since launch all I ask is where the issue stands and to see if i can do anything before having to fork over anymore money to play this game. I love but I cant play it.

My specs if your curious.
Processor: QuadCore AMD A6-3400 with Radeon Graphics 1.4 Ghz
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6520G
Ram: 4 Gigs
64-bit Operating system
I understand its not a monster but
1. I shouldnt need a monster to play it
2. I have a tech buddy who has top of the line stuff hardly a year old and he struggles with performance as well settings do not matter either.