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[Artifice] Guardian Hilts - How to get them?

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[Artifice] Guardian Hilts - How to get them?

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12.18.2011 , 05:04 AM | #1
You can get Might Hilt and Resolve Hilt schematics from your crew skill trainer of choice, but afaik no Guardian Hilts or Force Wielder Hilts? Am I missing something? How is my Sith Jugg supposed to get his Lightsabre upgraded?

Please don't tell me I have to BUY a Guardian Hilt first so I can RE it to get the schematics, so I can then mass produce them for REing to maybe get lucky to get blue or purple schematics to somehow keep my Lightsabre up to my level...

PS: If this topic already has a thread, please excuse me, search doesn't work (again).
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