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End all SWG/SWTOR brain storm fest

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End all SWG/SWTOR brain storm fest

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05.22.2012 , 09:42 AM | #1
I made this post for people who have played both games. While I understand that this game is still new, I still cant help but compare it to SWG at least at the four year stage. My reasoning behind this is all the implemenations that SWG had could have been easily added to this game in the developmental stage. I am talking about little things that make the game more enjoyable.

So this post is for everyone to list the little things that they liked about their previous Star Wars MMO experience that were completely overlooked while this game was being made. I will start with mine. Perhaps in time these things will be added to the game. If not so be it, but it can't hurt to list them because we all know someone is watching. There may be a chance that after time goes by they will add them.

1. Placed houses (It was righteous to be able to go to your decorated house and drop off loot or place things on your vendor within your own house after a long day of grinding.)

2. Guild cities (Cities could rank on their planet and get a large variety of perks along the way, One could die anywhere in the galaxy and as long as their DNA was saved at their city cloner they could clone there.)

3. Crafter rule (If crafters are to be in a game their talents should be recognized. They should be able to make better gear than what is available through questing or grinding within reason. Ask any crafter and they will tell you the worst thing you can do is have them in a game and make them obsolete.)

4. Space for real (When I think of space in Star Wars I do not think of an old school Atari game....which is what I think I am playing when I play space in SWTOR.)

5. One of a kind classes (Should every class have a stun, knockback, etc? And should the majority of classes be able to heal, and if so should all of the animations be dull and look the same? If you pay attention to game play and what your toon can and cannot do you can easily find a way to out wit your opponent. You don't need a stun or knockback to do this. For example a class that wears light armor may need a stun, a class with heavy probably does not.)

6. Let people pick their faction after the fact (One of the things I loved most about Star Wars Galaxies was anyone can pick any class first and foremost, after that they can choose their side or choose not to take a faction. Along with this they could change factions. This, in my option, makes the game an even more so one side against the other reality. You gained rank and perks (buffs) along the way to the top rank through PVP combat with restrictions on how much you could progress weekly. It gave people a reason to pick a side and stay with it. You also could acquire armor and weapons that were faction specific along the way.)

7. Bounty Hunters are called Bounty Hunters for a reason (If you are going to have a Bounty Hunter class, you should let the man/woman take bounties. Yet another perk of letting people pick their faction after the fact. In PVP, if you have people running around in the world killing the opposing faction, this gives the loser a way to make life in-game just a little bit more difficult for the poacher. Allow people who die in PVP combat the option to put a bounty on their killer which can be picked up at a mission terminal by Bounty Hunters who wish to track and claim the bounty.)

8. Complete stat control (I can understand the idea of dumbing down a game to increase your players paying for the game, but just 2 main stats per class....really? Let each stat matter, and furthermore let people have control of what they want to stack. Crafters should make the best armor and the player should be able to decide for themselves what to put in it for their stats. If someone wants to add nothing but endurance and cunning in all available slots then let them, and so on and so forth. Premade armor and inserts (IE Armor mods and skill mods and etc) are WAY TO DUMBED DOWN and makes crafters even more so obsolete to the point that it is not even worth it to be one at all. If the top end of the PVP armor in the game is Battlemaster Armor and crafters can't make it then you have failed and you should take crafting out of the game all together because it's not like they can do anything that matters anyway. You take that away from them when you make it as easy as just grinding win or lose to the top. BYW I am not a crafter, I just don't see the point in having them if you aren't going to let them make anything that is going to sell. I know people are going to say "Well what about this, that, or the other?" I am talking in generalizations. If you have an armor crafter class then they should be able to make the best armor for end game and likewise for weapons.)

9. World PVP (Illum is alright. The way it is a numbers game does remind me of Restuss in SWG. However, in SWG it was not uncommon for a group or 8 to take out a group of 15-20. This game has made every class so much the same and dumbed down to the point that there is not much skill involved in these fights. Instead of it being a mixture of numbers and playing skill it is ALL numbers. Aside from that, put end game dailies on various planets. This gives top end players a reason to continue to go out into the system and go to places they would not normally go. This will stimulate the war that is supposed to be going on between the two factions and allow people another way to play. I loved logging onto SWG, getting buffed, and then checking the intel pad that I bought on the bazaar from a crafter that made it to check the galaxy for PVP flagged players. This makes the game more enjoyable to more people and does not take away from anyone else.)

10. What the heck is a PVP server (Make each server the same. If someone does not want to be attacked by an opposing faction member then give them a way to not be flagged for PVP. IE if a person wants to be involved in PVP play they need to either do a /pvp and toggle on that option or they need to enter into a PVP only area. When you make a complete server a 'PVP server' it throws world PVP out the window. End game players have no reason to go to planets that don't have any PVP daily or fight on them and the amount of PVP fighting that goes on between leveling characters on planets with 'contested' zones are slim to none. I played in beta and at launch and while leveling 5 toons to 50 I fought less than ten people in PVP combat in 'contested' zones while questiing. It makes the only PVP you get through warzones, which is another post all together as far as I am concerned, or through sitting on Illum waiting for your faction to have more people than the other.)

So those are ten things that came to mind while making this post for me. I know there are A LOT of things that I didn't add and I hope that some of you will add you own expectations for an MMO with the Star Wars name on it.

SWTOR has the potential to be a great game and since George Lucas has the rights on Star Wars I seriously doubt that SWG will come back aside from the EMU that personally I think sucks simply because of the lack of backing, and in reality the money, to make it what it was. Aside from that i still think there is hope for this game to earn it's stripes so to speak. If they really want a successful MMO out of this I do not think I am wrong in thinking that there are a lot of things that need to change and be added in order to really take a step ahead of all the games that are out and are going to come out.

P.S. No haters allowed, I dig the game, aside from the flaws, and this post is not intended to start a troll fest. If you have an idea post it, if not remember what Bambi's Ma said before she got shot.

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05.22.2012 , 09:48 AM | #2
You'd be surprised about the Emu.

Sure, it doesn't have much backing besides volunteer donations, but even with just those small donations, the guys developing it have nearly finished recreating the original SWG.

The current server goes offline for a wipe in a couple of weeks, but come across to and take a look in about a month, when the Alpha server is live.

What I expect to be able to do in any Star Wars MMO is to fly my ship (and I mean fly it as opposed to sit with my finger on the trigger while I get dragged down some stupid tunnel), and take part in the war (in some meaningful way, not just instanced warzones that have no effect on the rest of the galaxy).
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05.22.2012 , 10:00 AM | #3
The EMU has been in development for YEARS. The last time I checked it out was right after SWG went offline and quite a bit of it was still missing. It just didn't have the ready to go feel to it if you know what I mean. If they get it recreated all the way I am in there like swim wear, but if I have to play Star Wars half assed I don't see much of a difference between this one and the EMU.

BTW you aint lying about flying in space. You cannot have a Star Wars game without it, even though SWG didn't add it until episode 8 or so.