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Massive error crash, sent back to que!

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Massive error crash, sent back to que!

Elianan's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 02:22 AM | #1
I was in PVP and all of a sudden my pc freezes, but people are still talking in vent- so I tab out and browse to give it a minute to sort its stuff out, when I tab back in I get an unknown error screen appear, I click ok, and then go back to click on my server which looks like it'll be an instant reconnect and then i get sent an error... 3100? I think- but along the lines of "This account is not eligible/allowed to access the game" my game shuts down and I have to relog back into the Swiftsures' ques, which are RIDICULOUS at 3 hours now (fix your stupid estimate, it's easily 2 hours off.)

What the hell is with this error? It's wasted my only day off to play, really not impressed First I get DC'd, then told my account is ineligible to play, then get forced to reque?