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Dragging items on to paperdolls.


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12.18.2011 , 01:19 AM | #1
As it is now you have to drag an item onto a specific slot for the game to recognize you are trying to equip the item, if you miss the little square the game thinks you are trying to delete it.

I know it is stupid but I accidentally deleted my first lightsaber. This messed up my advanced class because i need a lightsaber in the main hand.. but that's a different issue. I have also deleted other items I wanted to equip. From other games I am just in the habit of dragging anywhere on the paperdoll (I know you can right click to equip too).

The confirmation box for delete an item looks identical to the confirmation box for binding an item to your character.. and if you are in a rush (like trying to equip your first lightsaber while being attacked by shadows) you can sometimes click "yes" to deleting it.

So I would love it if these two changes were made:
1) Items dragged anywhere on the paperdoll window, assume you trying to equip the item, not delete it.
2) Remove the delete functionality completely from dragging items around. Just have a little trashbin icon that works in a similar way to the reverse engineer button. (but maybe not right next to the reverse engineer button)

Thanks, I couldn't find a suggestions forum.
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