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Dead game is dead?

kninekaji's Avatar

05.19.2012 , 01:55 PM | #1
So I have been on The Fatman server since I started this game in late Jan. This server has been the most populated PVP server for a long time and has always had a fairly large active player base. It was typical to see at least 2 fleet instances up for most of the day. At peak times or on weekends, it was not unusual to be in queue for 30 mins just to get in the game (on freebie weekends you could be in queue for 50-60 mins). Once in the game, PVP queues popped all day and through 6am EST. Just the other day, we had 5 CW instances up at 6am EST on a wednesday.

Fast forward to yesterday, which is a free weekend. Single instance up and less than 30 people at 1am EST on a freebie friday night. The GTN no longer has the abundance it once had and the player base is dwindling. If this is happening on the most populated PVP server in the game, I can't imagine how bad it must be for people on low pop servers. I would be willing to guess that over 50% of the player base on the Fatman have either unsubbed or are in the process of doing so (no motivation to log on = subscription being cancelled soon).

With the lack of any information from BW regarding anything that actually matters to pvp players, my assumption is that this is the end of the road for us. If they actually had anything in the works, we would hear about it. I mean they have no problems pulling content right before a patch after hyping it up, why wouldn't they be more than willing to provide information on future PVP updates? The real answer to me is, THERE IS NONE. Most PVPers would be happy with 8 person queues until the ELO rated system could be implemented, but I am pretty sure the only way this will be implemented now is as a last ditch effort to save subs.
  • Dimishing player base - CHECK
  • No updated content other than "fluff", (I mean legacy) - CHECK
  • Zero updates from the development team regarding status of said content - CHECK
  • Constant bugs on every patch - CHECK
  • Development team saying something is fixed in the patch notes and it is not fixed in game - CHECK
  • New bugs to go along with the old ones that never get fixed - CHECK
  • Cancel subscription- CHECK

GAME OVER, time to wait for GW2.

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05.19.2012 , 02:07 PM | #2
Good Afternoon kninekaji!

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