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"Crafting in SWTOR", or "How I learned to love the RNG"...

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"Crafting in SWTOR", or "How I learned to love the RNG"...

SpatterJack's Avatar

05.16.2012 , 10:48 AM | #1
As a crafter in SWTOR, you have to learn to love the RNG, because it rules everything you do. There's almost nothing you can do to influence it's workings, other than to improve your companion affection, which will give you a small boost to mission and crafting critical success rates. But it's a very small boost which you're unlikely even to notice, unless you keep a spreadsheet of your activities.

Crew skill missions - the RNG determines which missions are available to you in the crew skill selection window. You can zone or login and out to "refresh" the displayed missions, but YMMV... and neither of these are really an option if you're out in the world busy questing.

So the rate at which you can gather specific crafting materials is largely out of your control. Need metal, but there's 3 compound missions, a consumable and a "moderate" grade metal mission on offer ? Sucks to be you. Relog a few times or run some of those unwanted missions until a good metal mission randomly pops up again.

Attempting to RE an item for a new recipe ? You have no control over which "flavour" of schematic you will get, and no control over whether you will get one at all. No way currently to influence the outcomes, the RNG rules here unchallenged...

Attempting to craft an item with an augment slot ? Your companion affection supposedly improves the odds, but don't hold your breath. It will most likely appear that there's zero difference between the outcomes of a companion with 0 affection and one with 10K. Record ALL your crafting attempts, and you may see a slight difference once you have 50 or a 100 results recorded...

I HATE the RNG !

At least show us the outcomes of the "crafting dice rolls", the way we see them reported in group loot rolls or conversation rolls. The workings of the RNG in crafting are entirely hidden from view, so there's no way to monitor what's actually going on. Given the history of SWTOR to date, it's not entirely surprising that so many players view these "hidden workings" with some suspicion...

Khevar's Avatar

05.16.2012 , 01:47 PM | #2
I believe the "emotional" component of RNG experiences overshadows the facts (and actual math).

As a personal anecdote -- I spent 2 days (real life time) trying to RE a purple Assault Cannon. Now, my smuggler alt was doing the crafting while my trooper was questing. I would have both gathering mats, periodically log into the alt, RE some more, queue up some more Assult Cannons and mat missions.

I didn't keep a spreadsheet, but it seems like it was a horrible loss of mats during this process. I had almost outleveled the gun I was trying to craft, but I was too stubborn to quit, and had to make it worth something. I finally REed the purple, made two and was "sort of" happy. But boy was I mad at the RNG.

However, 4 levels later I did the same thing with the next tier of Assault Cannon. I successfully REed green into blue getting all three variations one right after the other. I.e. three RE crits in a row. I then made the blues and REed to purple in 4 tries.

Statistincally, everything averaged out. But EMOTIONALLY, the long bad luck streak was "broken RNG", and the good luck streak was "finally!" and quickly forgotten.

It's too easy to think of the bad times and forget the good times. I would bet, averaging every RE I've ever done, that I'm pretty damn close to the 20% for T1 and 10% for T1 reverse engineering.

While I'm sure there could be a better system, I'm actually fine with the one we have. I know what to expect and I can get the results I want as long as I plan properly.

Drewhat's Avatar

05.16.2012 , 02:00 PM | #3
Please stop this QQ. Check my response to your other post. If you are planning on getting most of your profit/revenue through crit crafted goods then you are doing it wrong.

If you think that critting on crafting should be easy for you, then should want it to be equally easy (and worthless) for everyone else, and then you would all be doing it wrong, but together.

If you are expecting to make a ton of your income from RE'ed purple gear (below level 50) then be prepared to make next to no income because the the time to get a return on investment for that strategy is very drawn out.