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Free Weekends

Sporetox's Avatar

05.15.2012 , 12:52 PM | #1
I'm not new, I'm an active Subscriber, But there is no Q&A on these forums and I just had a few question about how Free Weekends work.

1. Are the players who play free restricted in any way? (Ex. Chat limits or lowered level cap?)
2. Are active subscriptions on hold during these weekends? (Do you still lose days of subscription is you are a subscriber?)


Anysao's Avatar

05.15.2012 , 01:01 PM | #2

Can't go past level 16-17, cannot go anywhere but fleet, starter world, Capitol world, and (I think) ship. Also warzones. They cant talk in /trade, /pvp, and I don't think /general. They cannot send mail. Cannot receive player mail. Cannot par take in duels.

They can do whispers, /say, and emotes. But that's bout it.
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BebeLeBozo's Avatar

05.15.2012 , 02:22 PM | #3
2. No. There are no holds.

Ellvaan's Avatar

05.16.2012 , 03:18 AM | #4
Greetings Sporetox!

You can find more information regarding the weekend pass in our Weekend Pass FAQ!

Regarding your specific questions:

What restrictions, if any, will be placed on a Weekend Pass Free Trial Account?

The following Game restrictions will be placed on your Weekend Pass Free Trial account for the duration of the trial:
  • A Weekend Pass Free Trial character cannot exceed level 15. The player will be notified via in-game notifications and chat message once they have hit the maximum level for the trial experience.
  • A Weekend Pass Free Trial character will only be able to play on their Origin World, Capital World, the Fleet, all Warzones, and in their first Flashpoint. A message box will appear if a character attempts to go outside of these areas.
  • A Weekend Pass Free Trial character will not be able to use general chat, trade chat, or PvP chat. The character will only be able to use local chat, group chat, guild chat, and reply to whispers.
  • A Weekend Pass Free Trial character will not be able to send or reply to mail by other trial characters. However, your character will be able to receive in-game mail during the trial.
  • A Weekend Pass Free Trial character will not be able to use the Galactic Trade Network or trade with other players.
  • A Weekend Pass Free Trial character will only be able to level their Crew Skills ranking to around 40.
  • A Weekend Pass Free Trial character will not be able to earn Legacy XP.
Who is eligible to try The Weekend Pass Free Trial?

Anyone who has never had an active Game account for Star Wars: The Old Republic is eligible for the Weekend Pass Free Trial. There is a limit of one free trial per account. Weekend Pass Free Trial accounts cannot participate in any other free trial program.
Will I need to sign up for a subscription to try the Weekend Pass Free Trial?

No, you do not need to enter any payment details or redeem a Game Time Code in order to play the Weekend Pass Free Trial. At any time during the Weekend Pass Free Trial you may purchase the Game and either sign up for a recurring subscription or enter a Game Time Code to enjoy the full Game. Unused Weekend Pass Free Trial time will expire after obtaining a subscription or redeeming a Game Time Code.
We hope this helps!