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Companion issues the weakest feature of this MMORPG- an opinion (spoilers)

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Companion issues the weakest feature of this MMORPG- an opinion (spoilers)

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05.14.2012 , 12:32 PM | #11
I could be wrong but from my vague recollection of the guild summit, the Devs did hint/suggest that they might bring back some way of "punishing" or atleast temporarily incapacitating the companions. It was specifically in reference to Quinn since he was the one most often mentioned.

Then again I could be wrong...

I'd like to see more companions then there would be a pull to draw from and getting rid of one won't seriously gimp the player on crew skills but that appears to be "future content". Because really, my Trooper doesn't really want Tanno on her team and my SI HATES Ashara (my SI is female and gift giving sucks but to use the conversation options would make her too not herself).


Reversible options would be nice, I'd love the option to put that sleazebag Quinn back on Balmorra or dump him on Hoth since he whined so much about it, not saying that I would but once again the option would be nice.

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05.15.2012 , 03:32 AM | #12
All that is needed is to make it possible to kill/remove companions - permanently is fine by me, and have a handful of generic replacements available. A droid shop for example that sells a healer droid, ranged combat droid etc. They level up with you, and function about as well as a companion, no storyline.

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05.15.2012 , 07:46 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by RachelAnne View Post
I love my companions best feature ever in an MMO regarding the lvl experience. Its just great fun to see how they behave and do fps with them or quests.

Definately a feature that should be extended.
I feel exactly the same way.

However if some do want to replace them with silent droids, I don't see the harm in that I guess.
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05.16.2012 , 01:24 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by JediElf View Post
I feel exactly the same way.

However if some do want to replace them with silent droids, I don't see the harm in that I guess.
I love some of my companions. The trouble is bioware give us too many, we can't get rid of any and the order we get them is not logical.

My BH ges Mako as his first companion, storywise this is sensible, however we clearly do not get along.
but after that we should part company as we have nothing in common.

Likewise my DS SW would keep Vette around early on because she is useful, However i don't want to be Darth Malgus, I want to play Darth ME and
then a short trip to the slave market with her should be an option - or simply an execution - because frankly I cannot understand how or why DS Sith would not find her continued presence annoying, and people who annoy me die. DS inquisitor and Ashara is much the same.

I know many smugglers who want to show Corso the airlock, more kindly inclined BH who want to slaughter Skadge. In fact I would guess most classes/alignments have at least one companion whose precence cannot be justified --
is a particularly strong example.

I don't care about level 50 content - i play the game for the storys and the current companion situation badly damages what should be the games strongest point. If I could play all the storys the way I want I would staysubscribed for long enough to play all eight at least once. At best i will now stay for 2-3. The situation is at its worst for more DS aligned Empire players or smugglers who don't want to play the lovable cowboy - I would love to play a Dark Smuggler, the true potential crimeboss, out only for the credits - but with Corso and Bowdaar along for the ride ? forget that being a believeable situation - no, I have to play a Han Solo clone.

The real problem is that this is a self inflicted wound by Bioware - they had it right first time.