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KP Difficulty stealth increased last week?

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05.14.2012 , 03:32 AM | #11
There is deffinatly something up with Hard KP. Bonethrasher was knocking back almost twice as far as normal, and hitting almost twice as hard. I was standing in the same spot I always stood and had never been knocked off the platform from that spot and the other night, he was knocking me clear off the platform. Other people were having the same issue. A large number of his swipes also seemed to either be doing double damage or hitting twice or something, because one hit, which normally took off half or less of a person's health were dropping people to 20% on a fairly regular basis. Not every hit, but a large number of them. And no, he never ate an add.
We didn't have too much issue with any other boss till Karagga. He started casting the gravity vortex thing on our tank fairly consistantly which was constantly getting our melee hit but the frontal cone missles thing he does. And there was no reason for it as we had several range (think it was 5) at range from the boss.

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05.15.2012 , 09:26 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by hulkweazel View Post
People need to stop equating human error with "stealth difficulty increase".


Two weeks ago, we one-shot NM KP on our way to the title with two pugs. Last week, we took two nights to clear HM KP. It had nothing to do with "stealth buff" or any crap like that. It had to do with a couple inexperienced players that didn't understand mechanics, and people getting lazy and not moving out of Bonethrasher's cleave.

Stuff happens.
Normally, I would agree with you but with the way BioWare designed their engine a small change in code often has unintended consequences (Mission bug fix deleting Matrix Cubes?). Threads like these are important for the community as they help players learn whether they are simply making a mistake or if something really is a problem.

Having said that, we haven't really noticed anything new in KP. Not that we run it much anymore... but I will keep an eye on the log parses regardless.