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Species Languages and Chatting

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Species Languages and Chatting

Sprolly's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 09:16 PM | #1
First things first. Where are the chat bubbles, or just a good chat system in general? It seems that none of the new mmo's put in the bubbles anymore, or have a decent chat system...Yes, I understand they can get in the way, but we should at least have the option to enable/disable them. Even to disable the bubbles so no one can see your chat outside of the chat box...Even friend only or guild only bubble chat would be a nice feature for quick chat on a mission. I doubt that the 'bubble system' has a patent on it, so why not just give us the option? I remember them bringing the community closer together, but now mmo has become everyone for themselves (well, mostly everyone. You guys/girls in guilds are obviously an exception).

Now, with that out of the way, are they going to introduce species languages? All my characters so far are human, but I haven't seen any other languages in the chat box, other than maybe spanish or portuguese...I liked that feature in galaxies and I feel it should be considered in TOR as well. Also, the possibility of 'learning' other species languages (also done before, I know). Just another thing that lvl 50's, or anyone who wants to take a quest/pvp break can do. Food for thought.

- Sprolly G