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Weird FPS issue

EvilDane's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 08:58 PM | #1
Basicly my game is stuttering, but only in certain areas. Take the Corusant trade area, there's two areas and a small hallway that connects them.

When in the actual trading area my FPS is fine, but when entering that hallway when going to the other i get insane stutter.

My FPS can drop by 30+, then when i get to the other trading are it's fine again. I get that many places in the game atm and it's quite annoying.
When i saw it i instantly thought it must be the engine or something, but obviously i still tried to lower graphical settings and resolution, but nothing helps.

All drivers are updated. PC specs are core i7 920, 12gig ram and a GTX 570 on windows 7.

Anyone with a solution or just have the same problem?