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Can't Start Belsavis Bonus Series

KevWanCarib's Avatar

05.12.2012 , 12:54 PM | #11
I posted this in another thread where I had problems because of abandoning the "Bonus Mission" quests. Posting it here also because I found the problem really annoying, and this is the first thread that came up in a google search.

What I've found out is that even though getting back the bonus mission quests is bugged, I'm not blocked from doing the Belsavis dailies. I read somewhere that you *had* to complete the bonus mission quests to do the dailies, but that isn't true. The bonus mission quests probably make it easier to get started, because I understand they kind of walk you through the areas you need to go for the dailies. But they aren't required.

Here's what I did: Go to the Republic Wilderness Outpost at about coordinates -1691,1158. Find Major Harris, he should be one of the triangles on the mini-map. Talk to him and he will give you the "Strengthening the Chain" quest. This got me on track to be able to do the dailies. Do the daily missions you get in that area and in the Meltwater Outpost. If you look on your world map you'll see the taxi symbol for the Western Rakata Transport southwest of Meltwater; explore around to find the cave entrance and discover it, although you won't be able to travel from it yet.

Then travel up to the north end of the Tomb area. Here you will find the other dailies, and the Frozen Transport Center that is linked to the Western Rakata one. The transports should make it much easier to complete all the dailies with less speeder travel time involved.

There are some more details and coordinates at this useful link:

I hope that helps, and I really hope Bioware renames the quest to not be a bleeping "Bonus Series" because it's unlike all the earlier bonus series. People have been stumbling into this problem since launch because they say "Bonus Series? I'm level 50, I don't need extra XP" and abandon the quest, thereby hosing themselves.