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Darth Jadus and Emperor's plan *Spoilers*

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Darth Jadus and Emperor's plan *Spoilers*

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05.10.2012 , 06:10 AM | #1
After playing both of IA and JK story lines, it seems that those two are strongly tied. First we have Jadus, who tells you, in act 2, that he has to withdraw from galactic war, and you will loose his protection. There is also the quest on Hoth that has you pick orders of Imperial Guard, from their bodies left after fight with group of Jedi (propably JK main hero group).

So, is Jadus the only Sith, apart Scourge who knows what Emperor is planning to the galaxy, and he is trying to find the way to avoid the fate, or is he manipulating from behind to stop Emperor's plans, and not change sides like Scourge?

Thouch it could also be, that his plan to "democratise the fear and death" is just preparation for main plan of galaxy's destruction by Emperor - his death squads on planets, Eradicators and such. They could raise the "fear factor" of glaxy, feeding Emperor, thus giving him more power to complete rituals.

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05.12.2012 , 07:44 AM | #2
You know, I never made that connection. Probably because I didn't become the Hand and so never heard from Jadus.

The Eradicators would've been a good contribution to billions-of-deaths for the Emperor's plan, but I can't imagine that the Dominator would've been so weakly defended if that were the big moment. It is intriguing to consider that perhaps Jadus was going to use that energy for more than the fear-and-terror line he was feeding the Agent...

Trouble is, Jadus is insane, to the point where I could believe anything about his ultimate intentions. It's likely he is withdrawing because he's aware of the big plan. Either he's nuts enough to think that service will get him some fate better than death, or he's nuts enough to think he can directly compete, or he's got other machinations in mind.
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05.12.2012 , 11:32 AM | #3
I very much doubt that Jadus wishes to aid in the Emperor's ritual. Jadus' plan largely hinges upon there being a populous for him and his chosen to rule over after the bombs drop and the smoke clears. You cannot democratize fear if there is no one left who can feel it.
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