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First time raiding Eternity Vault!

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05.12.2012 , 01:34 AM | #1
It's kind of shameful to say but after 3 guilds, 4 months, and countless missed opportunities I finally got to be a part of a raiding group!

I know, most of you are asking: How in the world did you go through 4 months of constant playing without once touching a raid for a PvE person such as I?

Well, it'd be a long story but to keep it brief - 1st guild quit once I got to 50, 2nd guild never talked to me directly for any reason, 3rd guild didn't do anything wrong, I just wasn't around to raid with them since I had 2 50s to deal with.

So finally, I went onto my PvE server where my Assassin is and got an invite from a friend I made quite a long time ago and asked if I wanted to DPS their OPs group. I couldn't say no of course, me and this guy were really good buddies and went through 3 straight HM FPs in a row once. We were co-operating when the other members weren't so I thought I'd help him out again.

We decided to do Story Mode Eternity Vault. Of course, it was to be a breeze for the rest of the group but this was mostly a PUG so some of us had no idea what to expect. I have watched some videos of this raid before, but never really went all in-depth about it. IT was a BLAST. After it was over, I wanted to do Karagga's Palace :P This was one of the most fun I've had in a while. I was a former Tank Assassin so I still had my tank gear around, so they were glad they called me into the raid group since the Puzzle fight required me to be in my tank role once more.

For me, I thought it was rather easy. I thought going in with full battlemaster would be a setback but it actually burned me through practically everything. For a first time raider though, I expected it to be more difficult even in this simple mode and wanted a bit more of a challenge.

Here was my experience and how it could have been more fun than it was:
- The Annihilator droid boss was very easy. The first pull of the raid was kind of rough because one of us accidentally aggro'd the turrets when not all of us where in the raid yet. Maybe making the boss walk back and forth or a bit more mechanics would be awesome.

-Gharj was fairly simple. Our raid leader had a rough time explaining the mechanics before the fight but it was understandable due to the mechanics. I loved this fight. The platforms and jumping made it quite challenging for us but was very predictable and way too simple to avoid. It would be awesome to have Gharj jump into the lava and attack the raid group from underneath.

-Puzzle boss. This was WAY TOO EASY for us. I had to switch to tank mode to off tank the southern area and I honestly didn't need to. The raid leader was wise to recommend doing so since it was a lot easier for me to gain threat when I have more health. I think if I were to do this as DPS, I probably would have been ok but barely survive it, so it was worth it anyway. We got this down in literally 1 minute flat.

-Infernal Council was really easy for me. I went in with my tank role once more and destroyed my boss without breaking a sweat. My entire raid was done after me and I came out fastest even though I was in tank position. Nobody in our raid group dipped below 60% health and I really think this should be more of a challenge rather than just trash mobs with high health.

-Soa was TOUGH. I admit, Bioware did a fantastic job on this boss and I really did enjoy it. We actually had to plan and re-plan our plan during the fight since we enraged him twice and wiped the first time we did it. It was very hectic for us and we were running every which way for the mind trap and the ball lightning things. Luckily for us, Soa did not bug once so every wipe was entirely our fault. We finally downed Soa with all raid members still alive but barely. This was a really nice fight and I really hope more fights were like this.

Overall, I thought the raid was really great. I had a really fun time with an old friend and I'm hoping I can do Hard Mode next time they arrange it. The raid could have been more than 4 bosses in total since I felt like it was a more epic flashpoint than anything but it's fine. I really look forward to my next raiding session and I plan to do all the Operations up until I'm ready for Nightmare mode EC.
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05.12.2012 , 03:08 AM | #2
Hey man glad you enjoyed your first time raiding, next step would be to try KP before going Hard mode, Storymode karaggas is also a bit more difficult than EV and dont even attempt Denova until you have cleared HM versions of both as it is a *****. overall work on gettign 5/5 columi, grind your dailies for implants and ear and work your way towards HM thats when the real challenge starts

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05.12.2012 , 05:58 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Barrgil View Post
The platforms and jumping made it quite challenging for us but was very predictable and way too simple to avoid.
If it's too simple and preditable, how was it challenging?

But seriously, your post made me smile. First time in an op is always the one you remember most, at least for me.

I'll just add that Infernal Council isn't really meant to be a tightly tuned challenge. It's just a basic gear check before Soa. If it was too tight you wouldn't be able to carry lesser geared/skilled players through, which would ultimately be frustrating for everyone (at least in the starting op of the game).

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05.12.2012 , 06:04 AM | #4
Cool story!

You may want to try the 16 man version too, there are a few twists which you'll find interesting.

And yes do KP before you try it in HM.

Also I found the 16 man story mode EV almost more challenging than the HM, but it could just be raid roster on the day.

Glad you had a good time, this is what keeps me in TOR at the moment is our 2 Ops nights a week, the rest of the time I feel like getting ahead on my work more than I feel like playing (well not quite but near)
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05.12.2012 , 09:13 AM | #5
It's nice to see such enthusiasm now and again.
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