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Some Flashpoints never load

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12.17.2011 , 04:35 AM | #1
Repost from the support section:

This is happening with 1 of the warzones, I don't know which one because it wouldn't load plus Hammer Station.

This is what happens when I try loading the above:

It will just sit there saying press space bar. No keys work and leaving it for ages never loads it.

This is what happens after I log back in after restarting from loading Hammer Station:

I die. In space. It doesn't matter how many times I relog or repair.

If this continues for me, how much more of the content will I miss?


Quote: Originally Posted by Turukano
The loading screen that prompts "Press spacebar to continue" will not function properly if the command for "jump" has been remapped to another key in player preferences.

Workaround: If the "jump" command is not bound, players will need to exit the game using Alt+F4 or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete to pull up the Task Manager. Upon returning to the game, players will need to bind the jump key. Players should use the remapped key to progress when at the loading screen.
And my reply:
I did remap the jump key to NUM 6 because I'm left handed and can't reach the space bar

However it lets me press space at other times, like when you create a character.

One thing that might work is leaving it set up like this in the controls:

Key 1: Space
Key 2: NUM 6

Maybe that would work...

Has anyone else had this and know if my suggesstion would work?

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12.17.2011 , 04:27 PM | #2
I had this issue and reading that has fixed it. I rebound space to the quickbar and experienced the crashing, then bound it back to jump and it seems to have fixed!

Your double keybind suggestion should work fine.

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12.17.2011 , 07:54 PM | #3
LOL it says it spacebar to continue... i dont even get that far i hear sound and stuck on loading screen with what it appears to be only 50%loaded