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Rare, Artific Mats, and no gathering Nodes?

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Rare, Artific Mats, and no gathering Nodes?

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05.10.2012 , 10:32 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by RyokoMia View Post
If the game wasn't facing a hard time where players are leaving and few are coming back, then I wouldn't suggest making any changes. But the player base is dwindling slowly down to just hardcore gamers, hardcore Star Wars Fans and gaming addicts. The general truly casual players are disappearing. If EA and Bioware are to restore the game and increase the players attracted to it, then freeing up some minor things that they closed off is what needs to be done. An MMO is not doing good if it is only limping by on hardcore players, hardcore lore fans, and/or addicts. It has to consider a larger variety and accept players who may not play the same way you do.

MMOs commit suicide from stubbornness, and not fixing things, as well as not allowing enough player freedom on things. Adding a few features without taking anything away is the wisest choice. If that means enduring a couple or a few player controlled farmer players, then that should be perfectly acceptable. Hard-lining a "NO FARMERS" idea is a bad thing cause not only do you alienate those who do or would, but you also cause a minor irritation in the general pop or even potential players who would only farm on occasion, or rare times.

If your irritating the general or potential players, your making it harder on your self to gather a player base. And that is the problem that this game is facing now, and why there are fewer and fewer high pop servers. And the inability to gather blue purples manually from nodes or mobs is one of the irritants.
Please don't invoke the 'game is dying' argument just to win favor for your idea. It's like politicians invoking 'do it for the children' to sway opinion. Your suggestion really only benefits the hardcore player, not the casual player. As a casual player, I certainly don't want to be camping nodes to get mats.
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05.10.2012 , 10:45 PM | #42
Mob drops? Are you kidding me?

A happy little marauder lvl 25 runs to do a quest of killing 30 ebil robots... And there's a pack of campaign geared 50s killing all his quest mobs. T_T

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05.11.2012 , 12:33 PM | #43
The over all problem with people farming mobs doesn't really start to negatively effect the game as a whole unless 2 things are happening.
1: A gold farmer who supports a in game money selling site.
2: When there is a large enough server population where there would be a lot of people fighting over nodes and mobs, enough so that they regularly interfere with the normal play of others.

I do recognize these issues. By my suggestion still stands.

SWTOR has a pretty good handle on the Gold Farmers and the spammers. They are few and far in between, and they seem to get taken out quickly enough. So the gold farmer issue seems to be it good control.

The current stat of populations for this game is dwindling bad enough, that casual farmers are going to be extremely rare to find. SWTOR needs to be doing good, and have high populations on the servers for enough casual farmers to effect the game. And Hard core farmers them selves are few and far in between.

The complaints you have about how your personal convenience is effected, the actual sources of that problem are already so rare and decently well control enough that it is still better to have the spawn/drop chances from node/mobs, then it is to not have it.

It will be better to have to complain about someone farming and getting in the way, and have a good server population, then it will be to have low population to make the game convenience of a few players.

The lesser of the 2 evils is to allow a small chance drop on mobs and nodes.

When EA and BioWare really study this issue, and watch how other games have it, and fair better then SWTOR is right now, it will most likely result in adding a small chance drop, because of the overall effect will be player freedom, and how it effects the silent majority.

EA and Bioware has to look at the whole picture, in order to make the best choices to sell this game, that includes the silence of a majority that neither complements, complains or even mentions anything. Dispite the more subtly of that, the issue is still similar in high importance that not having it overall negatively effects the game more then having it, just like not having dual or multispec is negatively effect this game, just like nerfing world PvP rewards and Ilum has hit this game pretty hard.

It is better to have the drop spawn chance, it is better to have world PvP rewards and an Ilum that gets played, it is better to have dual/multispec working, allowing for the positive effect of player freedom, and to endure the negative effect of complaints from those things existing, then it is to not have them, and have a low population because the players don't feel they get much of anything for their efforts.
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05.11.2012 , 01:06 PM | #44
Crew skill mission eat up a lot of daily money... And with dailies being the main source of money for everyone, the cost of stuff on the GTN ends up always being high for everything. High GTN prices is a discourager to new players. You have to have a 50 that can do dailies, in order to buy anything from the GTN for your alt or alts, or for a friend new to the game.

The player trade system is to high in price too soon for this game. Yes every MMO deals with such a problem. But the early ones that are still around didn't have it start so hard and fast. It did get up there, but not as crazy soon as SWTORs did.

It will be better for the customer base to have features that will lower GTN prices such as chance to drop mats. As it stands now, the mats them selves cost so much so soon, that mostly hardcore players and a few casual players are sticking to the game.

The loss of world PvP reward, the loss of ilum, and the lack of a more then 1 speccing thing is hitting this game hard, and so is the restrictiveness of not having rare and artificing mat drops.

Having an occasional farmer farming nodes and mobs, and suffering the temporary irritation of that, which can be worked around, will be far better then not having mats drop at all.

The loss of reward from World PvP, how that has hit ilum, and how that has crossed into the player base entirely... how not having the ability to spec more then 1 spec limits player freedom and playability, both raid ability and PvP ability and soloing ability. All of these things hurt the game worse in not having them, then they would in having them.

Catering to the personal convenience to a small, vocalized group, is the death of many MMOs. MMOs that overspecialize in conforming to a small groups wish for convenience commit suicide over and over again. If SWTOR is to survive, EA and Bioware must accept this reality, and change for not only survival, but to also thrive.

As inconvenience as seeing a farmer every once in a while could be too you, it will do far less damage to the game then not having the chance at all. And if EA and Bioware really study the issue, they will see that. they will see how it is working on other game, they will see how not having things has hurt their own game, they will see how nerfing something like ilum, and taking the reward out of world PvP has hurt them hard, and in a desire to survive and thrive, they will change to offer things that support more player freedom, and things that give players a sense of reward.

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05.11.2012 , 01:47 PM | #45
I'm probably a bit more on the hardcore side of crafting than the casual, and I don't see anything wrong at the moment with material acquisition. UT 340 missions go for between 20-30K, Mand Iron for about 8-10K per unit (I'm primarily cybertech, though working on others atm). There seems to be no shortage of "in-demand" items on the GTN.

In essence, what is being asked for, from what I read, is not a shift of how current materials are obtained, but an overall addition to make the non-gatherred mats easier to obtain. But that will lead to an oversupply of items, and a reduction in prices. Maybe that will stimulate some demand, but my belief is that supply will overstrip any such demand increase.

An economy is a pretty complex interconnected system--it's like the "butterfly" effect--twiddle one small bit in one place and the whole thing unravels.

Way back when I played Eve (from launch for about 3-4 years), I saw them do a fairly good job overall, but it was by no means perfect. Did you know they had an economist studying and advising on their design? If I recall, they actually controlled the money supply in the game by throttling how money entered and left the system. The inflow was controlled by how many asteroids they seeded daily, and also how many resources would be bought by the NPCs (you couldn't just bring a ton of tritanium to a vendor--you had to find an NPC with a buy order on the market.

Then when it came to item rarity, they did it by restricting the blueprints (schematics). And boy did they restrict it. There might have only 5-10 schematics handed out for the new top level ships when they first came out (for a player base of maybe 50-100K). Didn't get one? Too bad--there was no way to "RE" one.

By the time that a new schematic got out into more general circulation (and you had to grind missions for research agents to get "points" in a lottery system), the profit margin started vanishing quickly.

Frankly, I don't envy anyone the task of trying to design and manage an MMO economy.

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05.11.2012 , 01:49 PM | #46
The issues brought up against the idea are of personal occasional conveniences. They are easily worked around, and they are not game breaking.

Players who don't feel rewarded, and that irritation of a lack of gain build up is game breaking.

This is why the lose of World PvP rewards decimates ilum, and the player base took a hit through the entire game.
This is why not having dual/multi spec is hurtning the game.
This will be why not having drop spawn chance of rare and artificing quality form nodes and mobs is hurting the game.

The economy of the game as it is now, simply doesn't have much to offer at all. Yeah there are a few things on the GTN, and if you look at it from the ratio of GTN content to player base and the risk of oversupply, then from that viewpoint alone could it be an issue. But when you calculate out over all effect of how it effects all customers game wide, and if it is attracting new players to the game verses irritating them, and building up to them leaving, or to scaring possible customers off, the ultimate bottom line is, you need more materials, because the larger effect of the lack of mat availability is contributing to overall game breakage.

The risk of over supply is going to be minimal to begin with, especial with a 5% blue mat drop rare, and a decimal purple mat drop rate. The amount of farming that would have to be done to flood the GTN would be impractically huge. Only a gold farmer website supporter, or a gaming addict, who has abnormally hardcore crafter, would go that far. The gold farmer would get ousted by Bioware, the addict will have RL things come up on its own terms.
If a nerf herder visits you... There is only one answer to deal with them.

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05.11.2012 , 02:25 PM | #47
Right now the need for wide spread player based confidence that they will be able to find materials, either through gathering in some way, or through GTN bought and how that will make happy customers, and attract players to the game is far greater then greatly limiting mat availability. Besides, that i it self with grade 7 and 8 mats almost always requiring a HM or an ops run more then covers that issue in this stage of SWTOR.

SWTOR may have had over 2mill in box sells, but the returning player base is not any where close enough to that to make concerns about mat control on the GTN important enough to deny the idea of drop spawn chances from mobs and nodes, especially with a small % chance.

Right now, the main focus has to be an over all, attract customers and keep customers.