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How would your characters act if they were companions ((rp poll))

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How would your characters act if they were companions ((rp poll))

flyersfan's Avatar

05.06.2012 , 09:43 AM | #11
I won't list all my characters' bios because I'd be here all day, but here are the outlines of three of my favourites with very, very glossed over details:

Name: Commander Valensa Orno
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 32
In-game Class: Trooper - Vanguard - Tactics
Likes: Leadership, honour, duty
Dislikes: Recklessness, Mandalorians, Sith, prejudice
Gifts: Military Gear ***, Courting (if female) ***, Technology **, Weapon *

Primary Stat: Aim
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Main Weapon: Blaster rifle
Secondary Weapon: Personal Shield

Short bio:


Name: Major Amely Perizia
Gender: Female
Species: Human with cybernetic implants
In-game Class: Trooper - Commando - Combat Medic
Likes: Explosions, renegade activity, loyalty, teamwork, being a hero
Dislikes: Sith, the Empire, Sith, mercenaries, Sith, torture, Sith
Gifts: Weapon ***, Military Gear **, Luxury **, Republic Memorabilia *

Primary Stat: Aim
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Main Weapon: Blaster rifle
Secondary Weapon: Generator

Short bio:


Name: Jedi Knight Katara Placida Otium
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 26
In-game Class: Jedi Consular - Shadow - Kinetic Combat
Lightsabre colour: Silver
Likes: Jokes, technology, learning, protecting others
Dislikes: Battle, aggression, rudeness
Gifts: Technology ***, Cultural Artifact ***, Republic Memorabilia **, Imperial Memorabilia *

Primary Stat: Endurance
Secondary Stat: Willpower

Main Weapon: Double-bladed lightsabre
Secondary Weapon: Personal shield

Short bio:


TheWhacko's Avatar

05.07.2012 , 12:31 PM | #12
Name: Kinters
In-game Class: Bounty Hunter
Like: Honor, making money, a good challenge, helping the little guy.
Dislike: Backing down from a good fight, fighting other Mandalorians, Imperials and Sith, dishonourable actions and killing the defenseless.
Gifts: Loves: Trophies, Likes: Weapons, Culture, Neutral: Underworld Goods, No Gain: Imperial Memorabilia, Republic Memorabilia.
Probably a Bounty Hunter's companion, maybe even a Jedi Knight's.
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InFamousHero's Avatar

05.08.2012 , 12:30 AM | #13
Fun idea!

Name: Qai'rha Askon
Sith Juggernaut: Female Pureblood
Likes: Honour, loyalty to the Empire, intelligence, glorious battle and killing Jedi.
Dislikes: Cowardice, cheating, betrayal and mercy for the Republic.
Gifts: Culture, weapon, trophy.

Name: Jintalla Askon
Sith Assassin: Female Pureblood
Likes: Knowledge of the Force, cruelty, caution and loyalty to allies.
Dislikes: Betrayal of allies, mercy, incompetence.
Gifts: Luxury, culture, weapon.

Name: Allaeria Volk
Bounty Hunter: Female Chiss
Likes: Honour, loyalty, fighting strong enemies and getting paid.
Dislikes: Liars, dirty fighting, pointless cruelty and killing innocents.
Gifts: Weapon, military gear, technology.

Name: Asheera Kulan
Trooper: Female Cyborg
Likes: Mercy, respectful conduct, efficiency and owning up to mistakes.
Dislikes: Failure, ignorance, cruelty and extortion.
Gifts: Military gear, weapon, technology.

kaczuszka's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 10:03 AM | #14
mine is already in the game and his name is xalek
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FaceShindu's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 08:25 AM | #15
Name: Marlo D'Hanzo
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 23
Likes: Showing intelligence, Non-Force users, Mandolarians, Adventure, Partying, Spice abuse (you know what i mean )
Dislikes: Jedi/Sith, Dishonor, Backing down, Boats

Primary Stat: Aim
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Main Weapon: Tech Staff
Secondary Weapon: Blaster Pistol

Gifts: Weapons, Luxury, Trophy, Technology, Culture (im an easy companion to gain affection with )

Background: Born a Mandolorian and proud of it. As a boy excelled in hand to hand combat but equally as talented with a blaster and flame thrower. Marlo and his 5 closets companions left the enclave after an event that left them forced into exile. Left with no allegiances other than to each other and the Mandalorian way of life that had turned its back on them. Being young they all tended to stray but Marlo was known for it more than the other 4, prone to drinking that bit too much and always partial to a bit of spice. Nether the less they were all trained warriors each specializing in their own fields of combat. When the youngest of the group and arguably the one with the most potential, Arya Pyane, was killed in the cross fire between a reckless Jedi Consular and Sith Warrior Marlo and his now elite group of exiled Mandolorians vowed to regain their heritage and rise above both the Jedi Order and Sith Empire, whatever the cost.

By the way if anyone is up for some RP on Lord Calypho, hola at your boy. PM me in game
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KinVao's Avatar

12.13.2014 , 01:18 PM | #16
Archetype:Melee Tank
Name:Arisydo Ora
Likes:Mercy towards the weak especially children,Killing criminals,Equality among human and alien
Dislikes:Mercy towards criminals,Harming or threatening civilians,Blind loyalty

Primary Stat:Endurance
Secondary Stat:Strength

Primary Weapon:Lightsaber
Secondary Weapon:Shield

DSpectre's Avatar

01.13.2015 , 11:13 AM | #17
Companion to: Bounty Hunter

Name: Danyka Serriah
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Color: Green
Tattoos/Markings: Small Draconic symbol burned onto her left wrist. Given to her by a previous Sith Master as punishment for a failing.
Likes: Demonstrations of Force powers (Lethal/non lethal depending on scenario), Snarky remarks, People getting what they deserve (good and bad), Strong leadership, Intelligent decisions and planning, following a grey path (neutral), flirting.
Dislikes: Unjust actions, Republic, Blind devotion, lack of confidence, Reliance on Sith/Empire, Hypocrisy, Liars, Jedi.
Gifts: Weapons, History, Sith memorabilia, Underworld goods, Cultural Artifacts.
Romance: Male or Female

Primary Stat: Willpower
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Lightsaber (Purple crystal)
Secondary Weapon: Serrian Vibro-Dagger (Focus/Weapon)

Grew up in poverty in a farming family. She was taken to Korriban upon the Sith Empire arriving at her homeworld due to force-sensitivity. Upon departing, her family gave her a Family heirloom, which was a Vibro-Dagger. She was placed under an abusive Overseer and soon after apprenticed to an abusive Sith Lord. Danyka excelled in Force-based abilities, having an uncommon ability to use an manipulate Ice, like how other Sith can use Lightning. She also likes using her family blade in combat which she made as her Force-Focus as well. Her master was killed by in-fighting with another Sith, and Danyka managed to escape. She turned mercenary soon after at the age of 16, mainly operating out of Nar-Shadda under the alias of "The Spectress".

Description & Personality:
Danyka is not what people would think when they hear "Was a Sith". She is quite level-headed and tends to be very neutral in her demeanor. Danyka is what most consider to be extremely attractive, possessing many desirable physical traits. She is sarcastic, often cracking jokes to those around her in context of current situations. She is generally happy and enjoys making others happy and laugh, though that is not her intention. Danyka is also very short, standing only 5 feet tall, but makes up for it in being quick and agile.

Danyka is also very energetic, intelligent and playful, always taking challenges in stride. Though mostly neutral, Danyka is also a firm believer in Justice and "eye for an eye" which expresses that darker side of herself that most likely came out during Sith training. She has trust issues with "leader" figures in her life due to her past with the Sith, though she doesn't let that show. She enjoys talking with people who show intelligence, and will often pick their brain to discover what they know, as Danyka strives to collect knowledge, having a particular taste for history and astrology.

A few of Danyka's more defining traits aside from her looks, is her skills with the Force, Lightsaber, and the dagger she carries around and uses in combat. She also posses near-perfect memory, being able to remember every small detail she sees, hears, smells, etc. Danyka is also very agile, being able to move around very quickly, also having an exceptional skill with acrobatics, moving around her environment, and using her environment.

(After Chapter 3)
The BH gets a call to hunt down a "rogue" force-user causing trouble for local Mercenaries, informing the rogue is known as "The Spectress". The BH begins their hunt, to find Spectress is devious and cunning, making the BH's work very hard. time after time, the BH's plans and attacks are foiled and often make a fool out of the BH in humiliating ways.

Getting wind The Spectress is going after an important underworld Crime Lord on Nar-Shaddaa, BH moves to intercept and hopefully get the Spectress and Crime Lord in one go, able to collect on both Bounties. Patience paying off, the BH sets up in a large room out of sight from the Crime-Lord. Some time later, Spectress shows up and attempts to kill the Crime Lord, but is interrupted by the BH.

Not wanting to deal with anything, Spectress aggresively force-pushes the BH away to deal with the Crime Lord. Getting back up, the BH looks on to see the Crime Lord dead and Spectress in-front of him. Spectress introduces herself in a respectful manner to the BH, and makes a sarcastic remark about his "hunting habits".

After explaining herself, she admits she finds Bounty Hunters "unique" and interesting, claiming her actions towards the BH were out of a Strange curiosity to how the BH operates. Seeing the boon of having her around to use her abilities, the BH offers her to come along. Throwing another sarcastic joke at the BH, She relents and agrees to join.

First private conversation with her, she reveals to the BH her name to establish a base level of trust between the BH and herself.
"Who I am is not important, my message is."

CoGDork's Avatar

04.01.2015 , 12:40 AM | #18
Name: Jinn'ei Vienn
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Outwardly; Mirialan mother)
Age: 30

Jinn'ei Vienn was only five when his parents died--His father a Republic Trooper, his mother a former Jedi who voluntarily left the order to marry--leaving him to care for his infant brother, Sel'ei. Forced to resort to criminal activity to support himself and his brother, and resentful of his parents for leaving them nothing, he learned to distrust authority and law in general.

Eventually, Sel'ei showed signs of Force abilities and joined the Jedi Order, much to Jinn'ei's protests. He eventually grew proud of his brother's achievements, and briefly reconsidered his views on the Jedi and the forces of law and order--only to have his life shattered again when his brother was listed as KIA after the Siege of Coruscant. Since that day, he swore to never trust any group that claimed to uphold law and order--not the Jedi who took his brother away, nor the Empire that killed him, nor the Republic that signed a truce with his murderers.

Now, Jinn'ei makes a living as a truly freelance criminal-for-hire. Though he steadfastly refuses to deal in the slave trade or assassinations, he has made a name for himself as a competent smuggler, thief, and conman.

Likes: Mocking authority of any kind, making money, breaking rules
Dislikes: Harming or threatening children, following orders, patriotism, forcing others to obey

Recruitment: The Jedi Consular inadvertently encounters Jinn'ei multiple times--first on Nar Shaddaa by interrupting a trade deal with a Cartel member (who had been planning to double-cross Jinn'ei anyway), then on Tatooine by interfering with a Bounty Hunter working for the Empire sent to kill him, and finally on Rishi, where he is nearly killed in a shootout with Exchange agents. Each time he accuses the Consular of intentionally interfering with his life on behalf of the Republic, and initially rejecting aid. After being healed by the Consular on Rishi, he runs away again, only to discover hints that his brother may yet live. The Consular offers to help Jinn'ei locate him, and the latter grudgingly accepts the offer, insisting that he is only temporarily allying himself with the former.


Name: Lord Reagilus Cadael
Gender: Male
Species: Sith Pureblood
Age: 115 (in Human terms, ~35)

The scion and heir to the Cadael clan--one of the oldest Pureblood noble houses, its lineage traceable to the days of Marka Ragnos--Reagilus is rightfully proud of his stature in Sith society. While other Sith see the Dark Side as merely a path to power, his family views it as a religion and a philosophy that governs every aspect of their lives. The strong prove their strength in battle against strong foes, show proper respect to worthy adversaries, and rule the weak as they see fit. The weak either become strong, serve the strong faithfully and without question... or die.

Because his family is among the most prominent in Sith politics, it has a large number of enemies that would be all too happy to see it destroyed. To this end, many attempts on his life--the only heir to the Cadael bloodline--have been made. This has only served to make him more aggressive in rooting out his enemies, a task he carries out with relish. However, a genuine fear exists within him, buried deep inside: his esteemed Father, a legend in the annals of his family for his ruthlessness and cunning, is nearing his natural death, and his readiness and ability to truly lead his family is constantly on his mind. The comparisons made between him and his Father, along with the high expectations, weigh heavily on him... but he will carry out this duty regardless, and woe betide any who stand in his way.

Likes: Killing weaklings and cowards, using your authority on your lessers, unquestioning obedience to your betters, rewarding those who serve you faithfully, showing respect for worthy opponents
Dislikes: Cowardly or underhanded actions, mercy, talking things out, disrespecting those stronger than you

Recruitment: First encountered by the Inquisitor on Corellia when a Republic defector offers him vital information in exchange for an Imperial posting; Reagilus berates the man for his cowardice and "rewards him as a traitor deserves" (i.e. force-choking him and then force-throwing the corpse into a wall). After a brief conversation praising the Inquisitor for their achievements and power, he orders them to aid him in tracking down a Jedi Master leading a Republic offensive. After a series of quests to draw the attention of the enemy--among them, blowing up a Republic field hospital, destroying a civilian transport, and fighting your way into a heavily-guarded Republic encampment to kill a resistance leader--he enters into a duel with the Master, who defeats him, but leaves him alive for capture. The Inquisitor then fights the Master and successfully kills him, then frees Reagilus. Initially furious that he was denied a warrior's death, he acknowledges the strength and power of the Inquisitor, and offers his services in the event the Inquisitor attains the rank of Darth. After that, Reagilus seeks out the Inquisitor on Dromund Kaas, and swears an oath of loyalty until such time as he gains the rank as well.

JamieKirby's Avatar

04.01.2015 , 01:48 AM | #19
Well, that is easy to say, if my character heals, then its used to heal the main character, if its a dps or will never get used......since healer companions are the only used companions, the rest are just glorified crew mission senders.

Grievesmad's Avatar

04.25.2015 , 03:57 AM | #20
Sith Assassin Male :

Likes : Mercy , compassion , diplomacy
Dislikes : Murder , injustice , anti-alien sentiment
Gifts : Cultural , Imperial

Primary weapon : Sabrestaff
Secondary Weapon : Focus

Role : Melee DPS

Primary stat : Willpower
Secondary stat : Endurance/crit

Recruitment : The Imperial agent gets reports of a rogue Sith Lord with underworld contacts getting to jobs before he does. Investigation proves fruitful and he is forced to obey , using control codes.

Underworld trading efficiency
Diplomacy Critical

Sith Sorc female :

likes : Sadism , belief in the force , flirting
Dislikes : Mercy , atheism , self-sacrifice
Gits : Weapon , military , Imperial , Courting

Primary weapon : Lightsaber
Secondary weapon : Focus

Primary stat : Willpower
Secondary stat : Endurance/alacrity/power

Role : healer
Abilities (As there aren't force healers) :
Dark Heal
Dark infusion
Roaming mend
Bioelectric jolt (Grants debuff "electric overload" preventing you being targeted by Bioelectric jolt)
Lightning strike
healer stance
Lightning stance

Recruitment : Replaces Quinn when we kill him.

Sniper Male

Likes : Efficiency , pro-imperial sentiment , mercy
Dislikes : Bluntness , incompetence , cruelty
Gifts : imperial , military , cultural , republic

Role : ranged tank
Abilities :
Trickshot (leap. Roll forward and uses an off CD snipe)
Cover Pulse (Flameguard)
Entrench (Shield. More powerful and stops stuns , immobilises for duration)
Orbital Strike (AoE. generates high threat)
Supressive fire (Mass taunt. No damage but immobilises targets for duration)
Take Cover (tank Stance)
Sniper Sight (DPS)

Recruitment : Recruited by the Trooper post chapter 5 as he gets the opportunity to fully defect with the coalition.
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