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So I just have to say - Bounty Hunter - The Aurora. WOW.

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So I just have to say - Bounty Hunter - The Aurora. WOW.

ZionHalcyon's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 07:45 PM | #1
Seriously, just WOW.

I wanted to come in and say that, because this thing was epically done and to me felt more epic than a lot of flashpoints.

The Aurora felt like for once a REAL ship - as in, there were TONS of personnel on board, as there SHOULD be. And having to fight through wave after wave, all to finally get to that Jedi target and Tarro Blood... it was simply masterful and worthy of being the culmination of the Great Hunt.

Seriously, I've had my favorites among stories for one reason or another, and a lot of times, the end to Chapter 1 seems to be the biggest fight and hardest payoff, but to date of the classes I have played (SW and SI to 50, Smuggler to 47 and now BH to 33), this is probably the most EPIC-feeling thing I've done in the game so far.

I only hope when I finally get into operations (migrated to a busy server because mine was dead except for pvp), that they come close to feeling this EPIC.


Now if only I could get that level of epicness combined with the quality of the Smuggler story from Chapter 1 through Tatooine, we'd really have a thing there.