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Only ONE key to redeem?

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12.13.2011 , 11:47 AM | #11
Well I have my CE comming from they sent an email yesterday saying it was posted

I was confused at first aswell over the code requested, but it is the code inside your box or from EA if you are downloading it.

So people like me, looks like you will have to wait for Postman Pat to deliver. It will be nice getting something through my letter box that is not a bill lol....hello Starwars n goodbye life
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12.13.2011 , 11:50 AM | #12
go to , see if it is registered. if it is, you're set, no further action needs to be taknen. If NOT, then you didn't enter your preorder code.

As far as 'only one key', this is not true. Your preorder key is not going to get you into the actual game, Origin will give you that when the time is ready.

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12.13.2011 , 11:52 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Fahfrd View Post
Here's the problem I'm having. I pre-ordered the CE edition. I received the pre-order code via mail several months back and registered it to my account.
If you can post in the forums at all right now, then my understanding is that you're registered as a preorder and (in theory) should be good for early access at some point in the next few days; I think they announced pre-downtime that the new forums are currently locked to those who entered preorder codes.

If you want to reassure yourself, however, you can check your games page and see if you see 'You redeemed your pre-order code' and it shows 'Early Game Access' and 'Color Stone' as your perks.

There will be two codes in the process overall:
  1. Pre-order Code: you got this when you preordered, and this code -- and the order in which people registered it -- determines Early Access admission. Even if you cancel an order to make a different one, the preorder code remains valid and tied to your account. If you can post in these forums at all right now, you have a preorder code.
  2. Product Key: this comes in the box for physical copies, or gets emailed out on the 16th for digital copies. This has to be entered to register the real game, and after December 20th starts you will have to have one of these entered in order to post to the forums or play the game.

Each code only needs to be -- in fact, only can be -- entered once. Hope that helps clarify!
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12.13.2011 , 11:55 AM | #14
So when I'm a moron...hey I'll own that!

If you read the diddy about the pre-launch checklist on your account page it says the following:

If you are a pre-order customer, the following steps are NOT required for Early Game Access. However, in order to play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ at the official launch of the game on December 20, 2011, 12:01AM EST (Pacific: December 19th, 9:01PM; European: December 20th, 05:01AM GMT, 06:01 CET), you must first answer a series of security questions and provide your contact information. Then you must redeem a Product Registration Code that came with the game, and either subscribe to the game or redeem a Game Time Code. Follow the steps outlined below!

So there you go. For early access we should be able to use the pre-order code we have already received and just log into the game after they notify us in an email. AFTER the 20th we'll need to use the game code provided to us in another email or in our game boxes (physical product). Hope that helps other people.

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12.13.2011 , 11:59 AM | #15
Thanks Pocketdancer. I was in the process of activating my reading and comprehension module when I happened upon your hologram.

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12.13.2011 , 12:01 PM | #16
Also shout out to Esume and Tom for answering my question as well. Good hunting my friends!