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The 3 Rakata Superweapon Space Stations

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The 3 Rakata Superweapon Space Stations

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"He said no mortal mind could know everything, and the last thing he wanted was to become a Celestial."
―Feryl on Jacen Solo.[src]

By the modern age, little was known about the Celestials. Only vague references to the ancient race remained, their appearance unknown, yet it was stated that they had possessed incredible knowledge.[14] These were beings of astonishingly powerful and held a malleable form.[5] One theory held that they were a group of discorporate entities who had perhaps merged themselves with the Force thousands of generations earlier and continued to guide the fate of the galaxy ever since. Those that believed in this view held that the Celestials were a higher order of intermediaries whose powers were beyond the understanding of mortal beings.[13] The Killiks claimed that the Celestials were in the Force and that the Force users known as the Ones were what Celestials became in time. The Thuruht hive were unsure on whether the Celestials were the kind of beings to hold a plan. Ultimately, they believed that the Force was the dominion of the Celestials and when their power was usurped then the Bringer of Chaos emerged.[7] It was claimed that no objects were more spectacular than those created by the Celestials. They were known for their demonstrable and nearly immeasurable level of power.[1]

Their technology was said to had been able to move entire star systems with the Rakata's being almost on par with it.[14] Leftover machinery of the Celestials, such as Centerpoint Station and the Cosmic Turbine, had the ability to manipulate gravity on a interplanetary scale. This was done through the use of tractor beams, repulsor pulses and hyperspace wormholes.[1] The gravitic tractor seen on Centerpoint was, in theory, able to move planets or suns and capable of either collapsing or destroying entire solar systems.[9] The hyperspatial anomaly that bisected the galaxy was considered easily within the capabilities of the Celestials.[6] The destructive energy of an Infinity wave was based on Celestial principles.[1] The suspected Celestial machines on Kessel included an antenna-like super electromagnet that, when activated, spun with such a force that it ripped off the other devices in the caverns from kilometers away and dragged them towards itself as part of a self-destruct process.[9]

Joiner Raynar Thul claimed that when the Killiks created the Maw, they used the Force to change the state of matter. Leia Organa Solo was skeptical of this claim, accounting for the Killik's muddled sense of history and wondering whether this was more likely a trait of their Celestial masters.[8] In actuality, the Killiks had created the Maw under the instruction of the Son and the Daughter, members of The Ones who joined the hive mind and lent the hives their knowledge and their enormous power in the Force. It is believed that after they completed their labors, the siblings left the hive mind and somehow removed the Force powers that they had shared with the hive.[7]
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