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RuQu's PvE Combat Medic Guide (Updated for 1.2)

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RuQu's PvE Combat Medic Guide (Updated for 1.2)

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03.08.2012 , 04:54 PM | #41
If you had not led me down the dark path in the first place, what destiny would I have found?

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03.08.2012 , 08:16 PM | #42
Got my latest analysis of Alacrity written up.

Short version: your worst stat in Tionese due to the low strength of heals causing you to chain-cast more. As your other stats improve and you can gain some down-time, Alacrity improves and becomes roughly the same as Surge.

See the link for assumptions, details, plots, etc.

I'll be updating the relevant section of this guide sometime soon.
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04.18.2012 , 04:29 PM | #43
Just poking in.

Quote: Originally Posted by RuQu View Post
Trauma Probe: 2 Ammo. Instant. No Cooldown. Free reactive heal. This puts 10 charges of a shield on a target, and every time the target takes damage they get healed. It isn't a large heal per charge, but it's free and it adds up substantially over time. This ability used to be free, and was a great ability for the cost. I have run simulations refreshing this only when you are already at 12 Ammo, and again refreshing it whenever all the charges are used up and you are at 10 Ammo or above (so it doesn't put you below 8). The verdict: only use TP if you are at 12 Ammo and don't need to cast anything else at the moment, otherwise the Ammo cost leads to a 4% loss in max sustainable HPS.
This should most likely be false. It IS by far still our strongest heal / time skill, as well as is our strongest heal / resource skill with only a 4x hit from area heal getting near it in the heal / resource. However, due to the funky nature of our gas now (comboing the two heals together is less than just using the faster cast time heal (HS for us mercs), I think it should now be used during gas if the tank is missing it. You can't HS spam the tank (overwriting HoT), and pure HS is stronger than RS if counting in HoT, so if there is dmg spread around in raid your most powerful use of gas will come from KS(probe) + HS on different persons, and only if no targets are available after do you use RS. I know it sounds weird, but that is what the spreadsheet shows as heal / resource and heal / time and heal / heatneutrality comboed with Rapid Shots, and those are the only values that matter during gas. During gas building you probably want to skip using it to build back to 30 as fast as possible.
I highly recommend taking Muzzle Fluting. The changes to Charged Bolt make it free during SCC now by default, so the faster cast time lets you fit more of them in during SCC. With the increase in Ammo costs for AP/MP spam, you can't afford to spam it as much during SCC, so weaving in Charged Bolts will help you maintain Ammo and meet enrage timers.
Well tbh, the real cause why it is now "more useful", is that our resource is gimped and we are forced to use 0 heat skills much more during gas, and thus the change. It used to be even better pre-1.2, but more situational as we could pump out more heals since our resource lasted much longer. Anyways, I've always been a proponent of it.
The increase in Ammo costs also re-raises the concern about Alacrity interaction with Effective Cost. Some more modeling needs to be done to assess that answer properly, but the No Alacrity Build may help if you are having trouble with Ammo management.
Since we are so easily locking our resource, for pure healing output the difference is now larger with Alacrity vs. non-Alacrity builds, however due to locking our resource, on the opposite end our dps is also larger with Alacrity vs. non-Alacrity builds. Since everybody is again learning new bosses, those who have changed all their gear for non-Alacrity builds do have an edge atm in the healing role. As well as us being woefully behind sorcs now on some fights due to the usability of AoE being through the roof (for ex the storm tank in 2 tanks fight).
[*]Psych Aid. Cleansing debuffs is currently not a significant part of any fights, and the healing debuff in PvP can no longer be cleansed. That said, there really aren't any other options at this level, so you might as well.
The new raid has lots more debuff cleansing, so +1 for this talent.
[*]Trauma Probe. Far less useful now that it costs 2 Ammo. I recommend still taking it and only casting it when you have 12 Ammo. Pre-casting it, however, can add trouble with initial aggro from adds at the start of a fight, so it is possible you may find yourself using this ability very rarely. Not a lot of other good options, though.
Yep precasting it for trash pulls is IMHO too risky for the risk vs reward part, more hassle than help. For bosses of course precastable though.
I have seen a lot of hate towards Kolto Bomb, and some of it is warranted. Per person, and correcting for cooldowns and duration, KB heals for 52% of the HPS of Sage's Salvation. Capped at 4 players, this means we can AoE heal for half of what a Sage can in 4-man content, but if we want to cover 8 people in an Operation, we can only do 26% of a Sage. On the other hand, we can cast it on the move, and it is cheap enough to be used nearly every cooldown. KB is absolutely worth taking, especially as we have no other AoE options and single-target healing 8 people is not Ammo efficient anymore.
Unfortunately the AoE heal pays off only at 3x targets hit still, so the usability is still lacking, and it only really shines with 4x hits (its only around 10% better than a HS with HoT or 20% better than HS or RS if hitting 3 people) ... The difference to sorc aoe is still super ridiculous.
Surge rating increases the bonus on critical effects.
Could be noted that one should remember overheals reducing the relative value of this, as well as the DR curve being REALLY harsh on this. Still recommend 100-150ish only, and do NOT use crit/surge relics.
Alacrity makes cast times faster. Cast time abilities cast faster. Channeled abilities take less total time, with the ticks coming faster. Unlike in some other games, this does not increase the number of ticks of any HoT/DoT abilities or the rate they tick. This also is the only stat with negatives associated, specifically it makes abilities more expensive. This happens because an ability with a cast or channel time has an Effective Cost that increases as the ability casts faster, defined as:

(Effective Cost) = (Base Cost) - (Resources Regenerated While Casting)

By casting faster, you decrease the Resources Regenerated, resulting in a higher Effective Cost. This can make chain casting more costly, and cause you to drop into medium regen with a high alacrity build when the same casting rotation would not have done so in a low alacrity build. Previous to 1.2, this was offset by the increase in free time where you could recharge, but with lowered throughput in 1.2 it remains to be seen if there will be sufficient free time to support high alacrity builds.
Bit wonkily described bout the free time, it's "offset by extra free time during which you can use your heatfree healing ability, increasing the overall healing some, but not quite as high as with pure power instead of alacrity. In return you get the best bursting ability with high alacrity, but do lose some overall healing."
For now, I will just give general recommendations. Aim generally comes free with no tradeoff options. Otherwise, current modification and enhancement options give the decisions of Power vs Crit and Surge vs Alacrity.
Augments. Always go for Aim augments.
Until I can get the new simulator fully functional, I will simply recommend getting your crit to ~30-35%, then Power > Crit. Surge > Alacrity, although it hits stiff DR penalties once you start getting above 200 Surge Rating. Above that, you can experiment with Alacrity and see how it treats you.
I honestly doubt surge >200 is worth as much even in overall healing than alacrity by then. The DR is REAL harsh on surge, whereas alacrity has the least DR of all stats in game (it is an "inverse" stat, where the value combats DR, whereas the other stats are either percentage increases where the base value increase makes the next point worth less (1.5 -> 1.55 is not 5% increase, it is 3.33%, whereas 0.8 cast speed -> 0.75 is 6.66% increase in output to show the difference how inverse and straight up stats differ). Also power, while not a % increase value, does have "hidden" DR due to the increase from 2000 to 2010 being less than 2500 to 2510 percentage-wise.
I will provide more guidance on Alacrity post-1.2 once we have more data and modeling available. For now, my instinct says that we won't have the downtime necessary to make the speed vs power trade-off we made in 1.2 for successful high-Alacrity builds. Until more data is available, I recommend focusing on making your heals hit as hard as possible, not as fast as possible.
Yeah for the moment, definitely go for aim power and crit, but not at the expense of raising your surge past 150-200ish, alacrity is not worthless, but it is a bursting stat not overall healing stat. Then again, bursts kill, and being able to combat them is nice. Alacrity relic + adrenal is useful there though, because you can pop both _when Vent Heat_ is available to push through a massive heal burst, and the cooldowns sync somewhat with each other.
As you can see, it was beneficial to use SCC as often as possible before, even if you didn't need it for AP/MP spam or the KB shield. Now, the increased healing buff only cancels out the loss from having to rebuild the stacks, and you would be just as well off maintaining 30 CSC and holding onto the 3% buff, saving SCC for when you really need it.
We have to take into account the fact that currently HS (AP? MP? I always forget your trooper version ) is >10% better than RS even after the proc buff, if you count in the HoT. They are about equal if half the HoT ticks get off. Also throwing the proc shield during gas pumps out the absolute final bits out of it, it being our best resource heal, AND if all goes well, you will just about be able to refresh it at every gas cycle. Depends on the bossfight of course, on whether there are very spesific dmg burst times, or whether it is a much more steady high dmg situation. If there are very spesific burst times, then saving will prolly be more good, but if overall high dmg, use on CD and mostly use HS, KM if possible, and refresh proc shield. Yes this is very huge change away from previous times, as well as using Power Shots / CBs for the regen instead of Rapid/Hammer Shots...
Note: SpaniardInfinity reported back with early results of the new Operation, Explosive Conflict. He found that Ammo management was sufficiently tight he had no choice but to use SCC every time it was available for the 1 Ammo returned. He would pop SCC, cast AP/MP/AP and then manually click off the SCC buff so the next MP would generate 6 CSC charges and allow him to use SCC again sooner.
Hmm interesting idea, but then again a full HoT run through from HS/AP is almost 30% more efficient than unbuffed RS/MP ... I would even skip using that one MP, just HS two different people in need, TP/KS tank, KM melee group if you can get a 2-3 target heal atleast ... this needs thinking and testing definitely atm.

Anyways, I have just 1 thing to say:

I honestly currently feel that bodyguard is gimpy compared to op/sorc. The sorc still rules supreme with their AoE, and atleast the Stormcaller tank group feel just plain near impossible with a bodyguard, whereas a sorc can breeze through it due to their ultrapowerful and _EASILY USED_ AoE. As for the ops, they don't have the energy problems we have, so while they may struggle to get out the necessary HPS, it seems they can do it without pusing over energy limits. Sure we could push out the HPS, heck we probably still have highest burst HPS and by a nice margin, but _our resource runs dry too soon_ to even out the overall healing differences.

That's my view atm.

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04.23.2012 , 10:28 PM | #44
I think you should rewrite you introduction RuQu. The spec is no longer able to apply damage reliably between healing with the new gimped regen abilities and the increased cost of healer. This is now a weak healing class that has lost the ability to throw in anything but hammer shots every now and then.
-I would rather pay for a great game than play a poor game for free.
-Viable and worthwhile are not the same when it comes to class design.
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04.24.2012 , 10:48 AM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaoogaa View Post
I think you should rewrite you introduction RuQu. The spec is no longer able to apply damage reliably between healing with the new gimped regen abilities and the increased cost of healer. This is now a weak healing class that has lost the ability to throw in anything but hammer shots every now and then.
Isn't charged bolts completely free during Supercharge cell?

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04.24.2012 , 11:01 AM | #46
Quote: Originally Posted by Arzoo View Post
Isn't charged bolts completely free during Supercharge cell?
It is. With Muzzle Fluting it takes just as long as Hammer Shot to cast, although you can't run while doing it.

I do need to update it though to recommend weaving CB in during SCC, and to never use MP during SCC unless you are chain spamming the tank, since AP+HoT heals for more for the same price. Not worth it if you are going to clip the HoT, though.
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05.05.2012 , 09:51 PM | #47
As a rakata-geared combat medic who's starting to get black hole mark-1 and campaign gear, I've seen that the a lof of the black hole med-tech gear is itemized for alacricity, a stat that I think is becoming increasingly subpar. I've noticed that a lot of the black hole/campaign commando dps gear is somewhat better itemized for healers, with outright more aim and less endurance. In either case, I recommend checking it out, and possibly replacing your gear with it as long as you have enough pieces to retain the set bonus.


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05.07.2012 , 03:19 AM | #48
Yes unfortunately Bioware has counteracted their class gear design by their class ability design failure. Thus the old "switch enhancements to ones without alacrity" is more valid now. Before the overall healing loss was slight, now it is crucial since BH/TR are basically sometimes UNDER the required sustained healing output curve ...

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05.09.2012 , 08:42 AM | #49
Simply Awesome post! Been looking for tips on how to go about building my combat medic and stumbled across your "Bible". Will be checking back frequently for updates and to read the debates of the more seasoned medics. Thanks for all your hard work! Keep it up.