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The Man with the Steel Voice: Proper moral reflection

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The Man with the Steel Voice: Proper moral reflection

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05.03.2012 , 10:04 PM | #31
What you need to realise is that the jungle beasts will kill the villagers if you clean the water. Causing suffering and death on massive scale feeds the dark side of the force because now the beasts are even more vicious and they are larger in size. Since the villagers cannot fight back against the monsters they will be slaughtered hence the dark side points you get light points from not cleaning the water because then the jungle beasts won't mutate which will keep them from murdering the villagers.

Yeah the water is still dirty but they won't be wiped out in a short amount of time because they don't have huge mutated jungle beasts to contend with.

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05.05.2012 , 10:30 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Ranadiel_Marius View Post
The radioactive bit was slightly tongue in cheek.

The point was you are causing them to be attacked by your actions. Does recieving money from a Hutt to live in a specific spot really make it okay to kill them? And in case you didn't notice, all of Hutta is a chemical waste dump. The entire planet likely suffers from the exact same problems.
No wonder the Hutts have no problem with Quesh. It's their natural environment.
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05.08.2012 , 06:03 AM | #33
Idk how anyone thinks doing something that will kill a whole village of innocent poor people with probably barely any options on where to live or how to make a living could possibly be a lightside ACTION, I mean a purified river is a lightside GOAL but what's it worth if the only people near the river are dead, you're sacrificing actual sentient people for the possible benefit of some future animals.

I view this like what the aliens did in the new "the day the Earth stood still" film, ending environment pollution and helping animal species is a good goal but not at the cost of an entire intelligent species, what the aliens did in that film is only viewable as good if you count human life as worth no more than that of any random animal and that's BS if even some people do think in that warped manner. This quest is just a smaller version of that film.

The only way this could be lightside is if this had followup quests were you could purge all the monsters threatening the village or if you could get them a new location to have a village where they could also make a living.
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05.08.2012 , 08:52 AM | #34
You know the more I think about it......the more I just do not get this quest. The questgiver says that he wants to save the river from pollution or whatever.....but he is on a planet that is covered in "semi-toxic swampland broken up by industrial facilities and urban centers." Before the Hutts came it "was a temperate planet characterized by lush rainforests, expansive oceans and towering mountain ranges."

That single river he is trying to "save" will get a new batch of chemicals dumped into it either from the facotries or just from living creatures carrying it in from all the nearby locations that are already polluted. Unless his chemicals are persistent(in which case it is just changing the pollutionb as I can't imagine drinking heavy duty pollution destroying chemcials is safe), his treatments are completely pointless. And frankly why the heck would the Hutts care if people think the river is safe? They own the planet and practically own the people on it.

The quest really does make the most sense if the questgiver is just out for revenge against the Hutts by killing the work force for the plant he used to work for.
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