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Companion voiceovers mis-speaking?

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Companion voiceovers mis-speaking?

greycobalt's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 04:26 PM | #1
When companions are returning from skill quests, they say stuff like, "Superior returns!" or "Man, I could have done better.". But they say it at the wrong times. T7 will bring me a blue mission box back and say, "T7 = sorry for failure.", and Kira will bring back a white box with 80 credits and go "Yeah, I'm just awesome like that.".'s a bit backwards.

On sort of the same topic, is it bugged or not yet implemented correctly the items they're bringing back? The third tier of Slicer missions was bringing back the aforementioned white boxes with 80 credits, but the second tier was giving me green boxes with 500+. Seems a tad backwards as well.