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The conclusion to our 12 chapter SWTOR fan fiction novel - "Thirty Six Hours"

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The conclusion to our 12 chapter SWTOR fan fiction novel - "Thirty Six Hours"

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05.07.2012 , 03:01 PM | #1
Hey fan fiction fans! One of our authors, Mike Kern, has completed what we believe is his SWTOR masterpiece! A 12 Chapter, 30,000 word fan fiction novel entitled "Thirty Six Hours". We thought we would share it with you all and hope you enjoy it! It takes place on Balmorra 36 hours before the planet is handed over to the Empire. This topic is the link to the final chapter. If you wish to read from the beginning I've linked them all for you below. Thanks to everyone one who has supported Mike thoughtout the course of this project! Enjoy!

Thirty Six Hours – Chapter 12: On Sleepless Roads, The Sleepless Go

Written By: Mike Kern

Time slows.

Kat pitches forward. Blood splatters my face. I think I scream his name, cry out in horror and in panic. Shells explode all around me, their fragments tearing up the ground behind me, before me and to either side, yet nothing touches me here, in this haven of duracrete. Only Kat.

I rush to him, scrambling on hands and knees. There is so much blood and so it was a shell and not a sniper. Shrapnel has torn into Kat’s neck just below the hairline and above his shoulder blades. I ease him onto his side while I apply a kolto patch. He groans.

“Kat,” I say, desperate to believe him well, that this is nothing but a scratch that looks so much worse than it is. I want him to sit up and laugh and tell me its fine, not to worry. He does none of this.

“Can you hear me? Kat, Kat!” I am shouting, even as the shells scream by, their explosions stealing my words. My face is suddenly warm, wet. I reach up, terrified that I am hit but they are only tears.

Full story here:

Thirty Six Hours - By Chapter

Chapter 1 - 2300

Chapter 2 - Bombardment

Chapter 3 - Over The Top

Chapter 4 - No Man's Land

Chapter 5 - Mercy

Chapter 6 - The Promises We Keep

Chapter 7 - New Recruits

Chapter 8 - In Memoriam

Chapter 9 - For Love

Chapter 10 - If They Lay Us Down To Rest

Chapter 11 - At The Last

Chapter 12 - On Sleepless Roads, The Sleepless Go
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05.07.2012 , 07:32 PM | #2
Thanks for placing all the links up here Andy! Saves me a lot of time actually.

I do hope some of you give it a read. Please feel free to leave comments, questions, flames or what-have-you in this thread.

Thanks to all of you who have read this story over the last 12 or so weeks. It's really you guys who made it worthwhile.
Mike K.
Fan Fic: 36 Hours (link) | Beyond Measure | Before All Is Darkness