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[The Ebon Hawk Serer] (All Trooper) RP Guild/ Community

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[The Ebon Hawk Serer] (All Trooper) RP Guild/ Community

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05.07.2012 , 12:18 PM | #1
Hello, everyone. My name's Victor and I'm on the servers Ven Zallow (RP/PVP, EST) and The Ebon Hawk (RP, EST). My original server is Ven Zallow and that is where my 50 is at. I enjoy every aspect of MMOs; from being a veteran "raider" to dominating (or getting dominated) In WarZones and to finally relaxing at the Cantina as a role player, I try to immerse myself in every aspect of SWTOR.

Anyway, on to why I'm posting here.

I am here to propose an idea for the Ebon Hawk RP server. Recently I had a sudden idea to create an all Trooper guild/ community on the Ebon Hawk; something like a player-run military. It would be set by legitimate codes and regulations created by players in-game based off of lore or even player-created ones, as well.

Details will be created much later, but I'm first interested in brewing interest in this idea. I'm here looking for more fellow role players, but not just casual role players; heavy, hardcore role players. I'm looking for those kinds of role players not afraid of writing essays for applications and aren't too impatient to walk everywhere. I'm looking for role players who use proper grammar, proper capitalization, etc. when writing in-game. Obviously this will detract many players from this idea because not everyone is this "hardcore," but if interested, I would love for you to just post here and let me know you're interested! This is going to be one of those long-term projects and I'm hoping you guys will want to be a part of it.

I'm not going to say I am one of the best role players with the best ideas or ability at role playing, but through this project and idea, I'm hoping I can advance myself in the role play world as well spread the popularity of this aspect of play!

Feel free to message me on these forums or in-game. My character list is as follows:

Ven Zallow (RP/PVP, EST):
Republic: Nooram (50), Oleec (4)
Empire: Essej (11)

The Ebon Hawk (RP, EST):
Republic: Tenoris (7)

I am primarily online during the weekends, but after this coming week is done, I will be done with finals and be able to attend to a lot playing time! So, please, keep in contact, spread the word, and help enhance the role playing experience in SWTOR!