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05.06.2012 , 02:22 PM | #1
Hello Bioware,

It's me again, I know right?!? Buit somehow i guess the information i send to you from the tickets i create isn't clear enough for you guys to send to whatever 3k departments you i've decided to post here in hopes that others have the same issues and can post more info then me, by myself.

Issue #1: For some reason lately, randomly and seems to only be from the operative/smuggler class, the stun that lasts for four seconds seems to last the time of my health bar and may vary depending how often you drop. Half the time, luckily, i can use one of my skills, but cannot move/use any other skill, or breakout out of the stun with my 'trinket.'

Issue #2: As a smuggler/operative, specifically the sniper/gunslinger, for some reason as of late, when i roll to cover i seem to stop about halfway and not in cover anymore.... i'm not going to go into how frustrating it is especially since it is the core ability that ensures attack/defense skills work for us.

Please if anyone has had the same issues post, Bioware can't seem to get it together enough to figure out something to tell me other than i have not supplied the required book amount of information for them to investigate properly and therefore close the ticket due to me being frustrated and not playing the game at all for a week. Also if you are going to troll or flame because it's not in the right forum, oh well, move it or delete's here so it reaches a good amount of people to ensure 'enough' information is supplied to problem solve an issue that takes someone to log in to the toon for 3 seconds and realizing the issue.....

Sincerly yours,

One of the dwindling few still paying for a sub.
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05.06.2012 , 02:35 PM | #2
Hello Maags,

In regards to issues you are reporting to cover, it may be related to the Cover Issues - Post 1.2.2 that is now one of our Known Issues:
When the Take Cover ability is activated while moving, players will not go into cover if Portable Cover is needed. (If green-outlined environmental indicator is available, activating the ability will roll players into cover as intended.)
We've also moved this to our Class forum so players with experience with Smuggler/Operative may add additional input or feedback regarding the problems you are having.

Thank you for the report!

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05.06.2012 , 10:28 PM | #3
Still does not solve issue number 2 as it may not pertain just to smuggler/operatives. But w/e, i guess that is why we have a choice what to spend money on.
Shadow Force/Dark Reaper/Empire