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Armstech valuable?

lykor's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 03:07 PM | #1
Hi guys,

Did Bioware do something to make professions like armstech valuable? I was going for Cybertech just because I can keep selling the upgrades at lvl 50 and not to forget, the nice grenades.

But what about Armstech? Sure I can create barrels but what about the weapons? Will it be like in other mmo's that players get better weapons out of Flashpoints,Raids and PVP?
So except of being able to create barrels, why should a player choose Armstech? Can I really get better shematics out of it to create more powerfull or at least the same powerfull weapons like the PVE/PVP rewards/drops?

F.Y.I I'm playing a Sniper
Thank you

Are the Grenades I get out of Cybertech tradable and consumed after use? They look quite powerfull for PVP.... That's another reason to say "why to go Armstech and not Cybertech"