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where to start for PVe gear

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05.05.2012 , 04:59 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by teemoor View Post
KUS is hard? And BoI is easy? BoI's last boss enrage is very short (and he's in stealth half the time=less time to dps) and KUS's bosses have longest enrages in the game. Trash is nasty, yes, but bosses are easy. FE is also very easy. Idk what the difficulties with BP are, seems easy to me.

My version:
Black Talon
Kaon under siege
False Emperor
Battle of Ilum
Directive 7
Lost Island is actually a mini 4-man operation :P
Battle of Ilum is easy because the last boss can be interrupted all the time. without those two abilities he's perfectly manageable...
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05.05.2012 , 05:43 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by SpoeMeister View Post
A normal mode Operation is a decent start as it drops a decent amount of columi's. If you have a group that know the mechanics of the Operation, they are not that hard. As for Flashpoints, I will put them in increasing difficulty according to me:

- Black Talon
- Foundry
- Battle of Ilum
- Boarding Party
- Directive 7
- False Emperor
- Kaon under Siege
- Lost Island

the first three FP's you can do with regular 50 gear. You can earn some Xenotech/Tionese gear there and immediately go to BP as well. When you have three pieces Columi, give D7 and False Emperor a try. And starting from 4 pieces you can try to do KuS... Lost Island will be when you are full columi.

And off course the BM gear is also pretty easy to obtain and decent enough to do anything up to KuS.
Doing OPs before doing FPs defeats the reason to do FPs since FP's are done to get Columi. If you can't or don't have a Raid group then your option pretty much fails. It also fails on the fact some ops may not take you until you atleast have Tionese gear.