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Changes I'd like to see with grouping

hulkweazel's Avatar

05.04.2012 , 08:02 PM | #1
- LFG tool. Something where you can select quests you are LFGing for and what role you are fulfilling. And be able to search up other people for it.
- Along with LFG tool, allow for instant travel to a flashpoint, and exiting out sends you back to wherever you came from. I don't see why this would be a problem considering warzones do this already. Possibly remove the option to avoid abuse by using this to travel back to the fleet for free.
- Experience bonus for killing mobs while in a group as added incentive for grouping up.
- Increase the experience gain for finishing a Flashpoint to put it in line with other similar activities.
- Change or move all Heroic 2s into standard quests or move them into the same region as the Heroic 4. Make only one area for Heroics in any given planet, so that a group can finish multiple heroics without having to travel all over the planet.
- This doesn't really need to be said, but server transfers/merges for smaller servers.

Right now, there's really no reason to do heroics or low level flashpoints, along with the added difficulty of finding a group and traveling back to the fleet. Which is really unfortunate, because a lot of them are pretty well done and because the lack of grouping in an MMO is sad.