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[Shield Tech] Feasible to sacrifice Heat Blast for Retractable Blade for PvP?

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[Shield Tech] Feasible to sacrifice Heat Blast for Retractable Blade for PvP?

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12.16.2011 , 01:50 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by BogeyBot View Post
In my experience, Heat Blast was crucial for managing heat as Shieldtech. I gave blade a try and felt that I was much less effective at maintaining DPS on hard or healed targets.
I've played it both ways, i've felt that the retractable blade is more of a long game attack as in yoru rotation becomes

grapple, rocket punch retract, quick quick, rail, quick retract, quick ,punch

its not as much burst but more dps. Agaisnt a healed target you can interupt their heal or stun them with electrodart before they heal. with otehrs its an attrition battle. you cna also go full burst and burn vent heat to take down a dps.
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12.16.2011 , 05:37 PM | #12
This is what I plan on doing as well. I think I'll be using the wrist blade more. One thing I didn't like about Powertech is the higher tier talents, I don't like most of them.

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12.17.2011 , 02:15 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Gereon View Post
Retractable blade - Plunges a retractable blade into the target that deals 595 - 706 kinetic damage and causes the target to bleed for 784 internal damage over 15 seconds.

Heat blast - Discharges 8 heat into a fiery blast, dealing 702 - 813 elemental damage.

RB -> 1379 - 1490 dmg total (hit+dot)
HB -> 702 - 813 dmg

Yes, you are right. RB does generate heat instead of reducing it but you only use it if you miss with rocket punch for applying a dot so you can fire up your rail shot.

And applying a dot on your target prevents them from capping towers etc in warzones.

Since as a Powertech most of the time you will be in melee range, the shorter range is not that big an issue.

i personally think that both are viable abilities, but i like the RB more

my 2 cents

1) Don't trust TORhead damage numbers... they have said themselves they are not accurate
2) The DoT effect when it comes to disrupting caps is a moot point. All powertech specs are able to do this.
3) The burst damage factor is in HB favour with the difference being elemental vs kinetic.. I've also yet to get that high and test whether its counted as a fire attack for those talents to effect it.
4) The sustained damage is also in HB favour simply due to the heat cost. For simplicity take a 15s duration in which Heat Blast and RB are both used twice. The difference in damage from the blades DoT is more than made up for and surpassed by the fact that for the same Heat Blast is 48 heat ahead which is 3 extra attacks (rocket punch, flame burst and rail shot all being 16 heat). 2x heat blast + 3x these >> RB + RB DoT + RB
5) In order to get retractable blade assuming you have the required 30 points in shieldtech for heat blast you are giving up iron fist. 8% more damage on shieldtechs hardest hitting attack is a hell of a lot to lose (it procs ion gas cylinder, it has huge increase to crit chance and crit damage and is constantly reset when you shield)

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12.17.2011 , 02:23 PM | #14
Retractable blade is a nice addition to add into rotation between your fire skills, not to mention it gives a bleed effect which while a nice added bonus to initial damage, allows you to trigger your rail shot which when properly specced can ignore up to 80% of armor i believe.