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3 Legitimate Classes Left

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3 Legitimate Classes Left

sidiouswumpscut's Avatar

04.27.2012 , 01:22 AM | #71
When you watch a competitive pvp match at the pro lvl, they always will choose the classes that are the most versatile and effective in w/e game the match is in. How many times have you seen the same comp go against the same comp? Then the announcer says the next team is doing something "totaly different than the rest" and they switch out one class LOL? The fact is as long as balance isnt completely perfect, there is going to be a "best current class/spec", otherwise it would be again, when something is not balanced, that means one has more than the other..unbalanced. Kinda simple when you sit down and analyze the words you are using in an argument, and the key focus word here is "balanced". It's the same stupid cycle we all have been tormented by in every game, it's a co's trick to keep its player base making new characters and continue all should have figured that out by now really..

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05.04.2012 , 02:40 AM | #72
Quote: Originally Posted by Gahllu View Post
All classes are viable. It just takes competency to make them effective. This game I much more balanced in Pvp than Woe was during BC, Wrath, and the beginning of Cata. Games will have imbalances but moat of those imbalances will and can be changed by someone who understands their class and knows the thought process of the opponent. The same can be said about my friend and I who were a warlock/hunter 2's team in arena. People said wed never make it past 1800 rating because no healer. We made it to 2100 the last season he played its just a matter if finding your niche ans running with it and the same can be said for warzones here. .
You just proved my point 100%. You ran a non-optimal comp, and only go tto 2100. 2100 is not competitive at all; no where near what high quality players play at.

When you have the top players in the world playing aginst each other, skill is pretty even across the board. What it comes down to is spec, class, and comp.

Yes people still need to play well and execute properly, but when one person needs to roll a 1-15 to win a match, and the olther person needs to roll a 16-20 to win, it clearly becomes lopsided. As much as YOU would like to think both these players are viable, they are in fact not. When competeing for top spots you use the class, spec, comp most to your advantage. Top players don't gimp themselves by playing the weakest classes and comps.

Quote: Originally Posted by spacemonkey View Post
Well I myself have noticed a lot of new sentinel/mauraders, powertechs/vanguards and shadows/sins. But sents/maurs seem to be the new FOTM. I enjoy killing them more then any other class. rolling the FOTM tells me the only thing I need to know about the other player, that their crap at pvp and they need a crutch. It does get boring when your up against the same 3 classes over and over again.
And this is why so many great players and top rated players in the world play these FOTM classes? Just because you can kill someone playing a class doesn't mean it isn't op'd. Just because someone is playing a class, doesn't mean it is FOTM to THEM.

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05.04.2012 , 07:19 AM | #73
Quote: Originally Posted by FalcoLombardi View Post
Sorry, anything can be very good if you play it right.

On my Juggernaut (14/25/2) I can get 80-120K damage and about 45-60K protection per match. I make a great Huttball carrier and defender as well
I dont want to be rude, but as pure numbers go, those are poor. 80-120k is a solid 100k behind the minimum i put out as pure tank spec (31/6/4) and your protection is below what i put out as full Vig (4/33/4) -and i wont claim to be the best at my class, just decent).

Anyway, back on topic, the OP has a valid point when we speak of lvl 50 PvP. Most warzones on my (heavily) populated server comprise of:

Assassin (tank)/Shadow (tank)

The Imp side seems to favour the FOTM setups more than Rep, which likely accounts for the fact alot of reps constantly cry in general they dont win matches enough. My own personal belief is there are about 50% of the current specs (not classes, since thats a slightly different argument) in the game that are viable in high level PvP.