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Those 'other' companions

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Those 'other' companions

siegeshot's Avatar

04.29.2012 , 12:46 AM | #31
Totally agree. I was thinking about this earlier today, about how I wish I could make my T7 a healing robot, Make Kira my tank, and just /gkick the other three. I understand their archetypes, they just aren't what I'm interested in and I don't think they are particularly appropriate.

Spoilers I guess, I don't know.

Elara's archetype is interesting but I don't know if it has any place with the Trooper.
Vette's archetype is very appropriate maybe for the Smuggler.
T7's archetype is understandable, but he acts more like a loyal dog than anything else. It's annoying.
Risha's archetype. I've been talking to my friend about this a lot. I think she's cliche and I think she is way too rude for anyone to ever want to be around her. More rude and obnoxious than any other female character I can recall in SW EU.
2V's archetype. He seems more like a pilot droid. I don't understand why Smuggler's don't get one. They get the token Wookie and the token
but no droid either a loader droid or pilot droid.
Quinn. I absolutely hate. Same with Doc. I don't particularly like Rusk and Scourge. They're people I really genuinely wouldn't ever want around in real life.

Don't get me started on Guss. His archetype doesn't even make sense and it's frustrating that I even have to look / hear about him.

My crew between my characters would be something like T7 (but have him stop acting like a dog), 2V, M1, Kira/Jaesa, Bowdaar, Corso, Akaavi.

That's it. So far I just can't agree with the archetype matchups.

My Smuggler heals. I don't need Risha or Guss.
My Trooper heals I don't need Elara or Aric. Based on my Smuggler's success with Akaavi, I'll probably stick with Yuun but definitely keep M1 or Tanno geared up.
My JK and SW are copies of each other. They both have exactly the same issue and are stuck permanently to healers they don't like. No matter how much I gear up 2V he can't even come close to as good of healing as Quinn but I can't stand Quinn and Doc.

Blah. Getting the little tool kit to change their spec around would be a good short term, so I could change the ones I like to what I need, but longer term I want some of these companions gone permanently. My Akaavi sent me a letter saying Guss was staring at her inappropriately and gave her a 'skin tight clothing' companion gift. I know she can handle herself but he would be GONE. gone gone gone gone gone gone.

I could write a whole book about how frustrating this is, but I guess it's because I like the game so much. The more you like something, the more the little things scratch at ya I guess.
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Toogeloo's Avatar

04.29.2012 , 04:02 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicki_Minaj View Post
I really wish they had companion kits that changed their combat role for a hefty price.

Halfway through chapter two on my Operative Medicine spec. Vector is the coolest companion I have met so far on the game. But I don't like using him for his squishiness. Kaliyo can easily keep aggro and it gives me more backstap opportunity. Vector and I clean up mobs a little faster, but there is more downtime between fights. Likewise my next companion is a healer... very useless.

I'm not crazy about some Companion aspects though. I wish we could turn off companion affection points for some decisions/dialogue choices. With Kaliyo around I'm a disrespectful Agent, but when I pull out Vector I'm pretty well-mannered and professional. I don't make the dialogue choices I really want to make, I make the dialogue choices my companion wants me to make.
1. Vector is half bug... so he should be squishy

2. You shouldn't be appeasing your companions in conversations. Just be yourself and how you imagine your character WOULD answer those choices, only reseting the convo if you feel that it wasn't playing out correctly (like choosing a misleading answer that makes you say something the answer didn't elude actually saying). Affection losses can easily be made up through (and are actually easier to gain on anyways) through companion gifts. First thing I do when I get a new companion is hit the companion gift vendor and buy 22 Rank 1 Love gifts and 22 Rank 2 Love gifts. Get them over 4k Affection. Then do the quests they unlock and get about another 1k. If I have any Missions that reward Companion Gifts, I keep those stocked up in my Cargo Hold as well and give them what they need.

Anything that isn't maxed by 50, gets raised through Daily quests.

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05.02.2012 , 10:48 PM | #33
It is a bit of an issue, ideally dps and tanks will always take their healing companion and healers will always take a dps companion. Now of course if you were to group with one other person this whole thing goes down the drain, as you could build your party around a full team (tank 2 dps and healer). I'm not sure how many people play this game with a friend, child spouse.. but you get more xp, social points and essentially are not bound by the "best companion" situation for soloing.

But for some people, the extra downtime is worth it just to keep out that preferred companion. Or even if you have to just summon them back for conversations, you'll still experience the game together.

GhoXen's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 03:26 AM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by MouseNoFour View Post
who still wear the gear they came with
They do? I vendored them all.

On my Trooper I have only one set of gear that is shared by all my companions. Good thing they all use Aim and Heavy Armour. The other classes aren't so lucky.

Personally I think companions should merely offer a cosmetic difference. You should be able to spec your companion to however you like. At the moment most players seem to be taking the same companions. There are 5 companions for every class, yet we aren't seeing the variety!

CutlassJack's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 04:23 AM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by MouseNoFour View Post
I just tested all this on a few packs on Voss.

With Nadia out, i take on average 20% damage PER FIGHT. So that is 3 seconds between fights im healing up.

With Tharan out, i take the same amount of damage BUT! by the time ive looted the corpses, im 100% again.

Really annoys me how good healer companions are compared to damage dealing ones in terms of efficiency.

LOL transfer Tharan's healing abilities to Nadia and her melee to Tharan and i would be so happy.
But did you time how much longer the fights were taking with Tharan out? I'll bet it was at least those same three seconds. So the only real difference for the average fights is perception not reality.

That's not to say that there are fights where a healer is absolutely going to make the difference between winning and losing, but thats the reason for multiple companions. Having said that, there are some really sub-optimal companions for each class. Does the Sith Warrior really have any use whatsoever for Broonmark by the time he gets him? Every class has at least one (if not more) companions like that. But healing companions are far from the only choice.

Mirandel's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 04:59 PM | #36
Quote: Originally Posted by siegeshot View Post
My Smuggler heals. I don't need Risha or Guss.
My Trooper heals I don't need Elara or Aric. Based on my Smuggler's success with Akaavi, I'll probably stick with Yuun but definitely keep M1 or Tanno geared up.
You don't need them, others do. There are warriors who like to run around with tanks. And some of us prefer to have healers even if we can heal too. It's not about class, more about play style. This is simply wrong to assume that if you do not use some companions they are useless for the class you are playing. They are only useless to you.

Sure it would be nice to change tool-kits for companions and run around with the skins you like. But I am affraid companion stories will suffer a lot in this case.

Halkyon's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 09:48 PM | #37
I think it may be different for tanks; on my knight I could solo gold star elites just fine with any of my companions, and on the whole the downtime was marginal. I think Doc had less, but it took slightly longer to kill stuff so it was more or less a wash, unless it was one of the rare mobs that could cut though all my defenses with force powers or tech attacks.

Of course, despite all that, i still never used Sgt. Rusk. I didn't like his character much, so he got to guard my ship. The rest all got a fair bit of field time.

On my Gunslinger I found that I much more got stuck in the "bring the healer" deal; it wasn't even a matter of convenience; there was a certain point where the gold star elites just started curbstomping me without a healer, and if I'd win it was with all cooldowns used and at 10-20% life (compared to guardian who sometimes wouldn't have to use ANY cooldowns...) That said, Guss is freakin' awesome, and I kinda wanted to have him around anyways, after I had him. The downside was that I never really got to use Bowdaar or Corso though, because they got me killed even faster (though I had some luck with Bowdaar in DPS mode in the 40s, for clearing trash stuff).

Tank companions in general kinda underwhelm me.

spectreclees's Avatar

05.04.2012 , 05:36 AM | #38
Isn't Nadia a dps companion and not a tank? So her holding aggro is irrelevant.
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05.04.2012 , 06:49 AM | #39
I personally think all companions should share the same armor / stat of the player character, and should have talents that can be set by the player (so all could be dps, heals, or tank dependent upon companion spec).

This would help balance the classes which today have some getting a second companion before they hit 15 and other not getting a second option until the 30s, along with one class that gets companions that all use the same stat and armor type with many that use two and at least one that uses every armor type and three different stats.

This would also let players select their companions based on the story and their play styles and desires versus feeling locked to certain companions because of how well they complement the player's class or combat style.

I will say though I agree with the comments by some that you can make any combination work, and actually after a bit of experimenting, find most of my characters can complete content quicker running dps specs with dps companions.

However, that is just my personal preference and fits my play style. It also means that the above solution would give me the option to do so even playing a class that starts with a tank or healer.

And really that's what the companion system should offer, player choices and flexibility, not rigid 'this is how we want you to play' constraints.