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why weren't knights and warriors revamped during patch.

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why weren't knights and warriors revamped during patch.

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05.03.2012 , 08:41 AM | #81
Quote: Originally Posted by Sevvy View Post
That you learn how to play?

The following classes don't cry about Marauders:

Players that don't suck
Always love to see your response. it's hella fun

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05.03.2012 , 08:56 AM | #82
Pre 1.2 a good Marauder/Sentinal was very deadly. Post 1.2, they still are. Nothing to see here but nerfed class rage looking to pull others down into their mud hole. Marauder/Sentinal should be left alone.

If anything, those classes that were nerfed prior to 1.2 should be restored. PvP was wildly successful at launch because everyone felt heroic, nobody died in 3 globals, and it was insanely fun. A small percentage of people cryed because they could not cope with it. Did nerfing help? If the goal was to swell the ranks of the people who couldn't cope with pvp then yes, it was very successful.

I have little bias in preserving some perceived advantage that Marauder/Sentinal has in PvP; I'm a Mercenary.