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Underworld Trading / Slicing after 1.2

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Underworld Trading / Slicing after 1.2

floriwie's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 08:25 AM | #1
Hi guys,

are u getting difficulties to get Prometheum/Mandolarian Iron after 1.2.

I got once 3 Prometheum's from a Bountiful Mission after 1.2 and no Mandolorian Iron at all....

I mostly send the Andronikos with +2 Underworld Crit (10000 Affection / 400 UT)....

Same for the Slicing, I rarely get Mission Discoveries....

Grade 5 Rich Lockboxes delivers less credit then Grade 5 Bountiful Lockboxes and they never crits, now should I always send companions Bountiful Missions or what?

Grade 6 Abundant Lockboxes didn't crit for me at all after 1.2 Patch, what are ur experinces?

Are u getting regularely Mandolorian Iron?

If u are critting can u tell me which missions are u using?

I am sending my companions mostly to
Abundant Yield: Grade 6 Underworld Metals
Rich Yield: Grade 5 Underworld Metals
Bountiful Yield: Grade 5 Underworld Metals

And for slicing
Abundant Yield: Class 6 Lockboxes - Data Race
Rich Yield: Class 5 Lockboxes - The Fly on the Wall (which delivers less credits then a bountiful lockbox)

Aren't the right ones?

perih's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 08:40 AM | #2
Im also getting (maybe a big, big almost) only Investigation Crafting Missions from grade 6 Lockbox Slicing missions.
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xeraphyne's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 08:47 AM | #3
since the bug fix my slicing has gone back to normal. i was raking in the mission discoveries and blue lockboxes with khem val (not capped affection) and andronikos (10000 affection) on the abundant and moderate grade 6s yesterday. I've definitely noticed an increase in credit returns and crits for missions on rich grade 5s and bountiful grade 4s which was horribly bugged after 1.2. i'd like to say mine are back to normal. as far as UT, i don't have UT on my main so i wish i could help with that.