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Armormech Schematic list ?

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Armormech Schematic list ?

M_o_s_e_s's Avatar

05.01.2012 , 04:38 PM | #1
Is there any chance there is a list similar to this for Armormech ? If so please link I have tried searching. Thanks in Advance :-)

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05.01.2012 , 09:07 PM | #2
it aint pretty but these are what i found so far

hardened plastifold greaves 11
republic troopers chestguard 15
republic troopers greaves 15
hydrolicpress greaves 15
mercenarys chestguard 19
mercenarys helmet 19
commandos greaves 19
commandos chestguard 19
tempered laminoid helmet 23
vegabond greaves 27
vegabond chestguard 27
outcast chestguard 27
chanlon onslaught chestguard 31
lacqrous mash helmet 39
commando elite helm 43
mercenary elite chestguard 43
mercanary elite greaves 43
mercenary elite helmet 43
diatium onslaught helmet 47
electrum onslaught chest guard 50
electrum onslaught greaves 50
electrum onslaught helmet 50

hardweave jacket 11
dreliad jacket 11
agents jacket 15
rugged smuggling leggins 15
gunslingers leggins 19
snipers leggins 19
laminod battle leggins 23
laminoid battle headgear 23
spec ops headgear 27
spec ops jacket 27
spec ops leggins 27
hooligans jacket 27
plasteel battle jacket 31
plasteel battle headgear31
plasteel battle leggings 31
lacqerous battle jacket 35
lacqerous battle leggins 35
lacqerous battle headgear 35
fortified lacquerous legging 39
fortifed lacerous headgear 39
sniper elite leggings 43
gunslinger elite jacket 43
polyplast battle leggings 47
polyplast ultramesh jacket 50
polyplast ultramesh leggings 50
polyplast ultramesh head gear 50

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05.01.2012 , 10:30 PM | #3
Heavy Armors (Armormech):

Electrum Onslaught- Level 50- Any Heavy
Electrum Onslaught Chestguard
Electrum Onslaught Greaves
Electrum Onslaught Helmet

Diatium Onslaught- Level 47- Any Heavy
Diatium Onslaught Chestguard
Diatium Onslaught Greaves
Diatium Onslaught Helmet

Commando Elite- Level 43- Trooper/Jedi Knight
Commando Elite Chestguard
Commando Elite Greaves
Commando Elite Helmet

Lacquerous Mesh- Level 39- Any Heavy
Lacquerous Mesh Chestguard
Lacquerous Mesh Greaves
Lacquerous Mesh Helmet

Phobium Onslaught- Level 35- Any Heavy
Phobium Onslaught Chestguard
Phobium Onslaught Greaves
Phobium Onslaught Helmet

Chanlon Onslaught- Level 31- Any Heavy
Chanlon Onslaught Chestguard
Chanlon Onslaught Greaves
Chanlon Onslaught Helmet

Outcast- Level 27- Trooper/Jedi Knight
Outcast Chestguard
Outcast Greaves
Outcast Helmet

Vagabond- Level 27- Bounty Hunter/Sith Warrior
Vagabond Chestguard
Vagabond Greaves
Vagabond Helmet

Tempered Laminoid- Level 23- Any Heavy
Tempered Laminoid Chestguard
Tempered Laminoid Greaves
Tempered Laminoid Helmet

Commando's- Level 19- Trooper/Jedi Knight
Commando's Chestguard
Commando's Greaves
Commando's Helmet

Mercenary's- Level 19- Bounty Hunter/Sith Warrior
Mercenary's Chestguard
Mercenary's Greaves
Mercenary's Helmet

Hydraulic Press- Level 15- Bounty Hunter/Sith Warrior
Hydraulic Press Chestguard
Hydraulic Press Greaves

Republic Trooper's- Level 15- Trooper/Jedi Knight
Republic Trooper's Chestguard
Republic Trooper's Greaves

Hardened Plastifold- Level 11- Trooper/Jedi Knight
Hardened Platifold Chestguard
Hardened Platifold Greaves

Professional's- Level 11- Bounty Hunter/Sith Warrior
Professional's Chestguard
Professional's Greaves

It would seem that there's a level 43 set specifically for BH/SW that's missing...

Sithhelmet's Avatar

05.01.2012 , 10:45 PM | #4
Medium Armors (Armormech):

Polyplast Ultramesh- Level 50- Any Medium
Polyplast Ultramesh Headgear
Polyplast Ultramesh Jacket
Polyplast Ultramesh Leggings

Polyplast Battle- Level 47- Any Medium
Polyplast Battle Headgear
Polyplast Battle Jacket
Polyplast Battle Leggings

Gunslinger Elite- Level 43- Smuggler/Jedi Knight
Gunslinger Elite Headgear
Gunslinger Elite Jacket
Gunslinger Elite Leggings

Sniper Elite- Level 43- Agent/Sith Warrior
Sniper Elite Headgear?
Sniper Elite Jacket
Sniper Elite Leggings

Fortified Lacquerous- Level 39- Any Medium
Fortified Lacquerous Headgear
Fortified Lacquerous Jacket
Fortified Lacquerous Leggings

Lacquerous Battle- Level 35- Any Medium
Lacquerous Battle Headgear
Lacquerous Battle Jacket
Lacquerous Battle Leggings

Plasteel Battle- Level 31- Any Medium
Plasteel Battle Headgear
Plasteel Battle Jacket
Plasteel Battle Leggings

Hooligan's- Level 27- Agent/Sith Warrior
Hooligan's Headgear
Hooligan's Jacket
Hooligan's Leggings

Spec Ops- Level 27- Smuggler/Jedi Knight
Spec Ops Headgear
Spec Ops Jacket
Spec Ops Leggings

Laminoid- Level 23- Any Medium
Laminoid Headgear?
Laminoid Jacket
Laminoid Leggings

Gunslinger's- Level 19- Smuggler/Jedi Knight
Gunslinger's Headgear
Gunslinger's Jacket
Gunslinger's Leggings

Sniper's- Level 19- Agent/Sith Warrior
Sniper's Headgear
Sniper's Jacket
Sniper's Leggings

Agent's- Level 15- Agent/Sith Warrior
Agent's Jacket
Agent's Pants

Rugged Smuggling- Level 15- Smuggler/Jedi Knight
Rugged Smuggling Jacket
Rugged Smuggling Leggings

Drelliad- Level 11- Smuggler/Jedi Knight
Drelliad Jacket
Drelliad Leggings

Hardweave- Level 11- Agent/Sith Warrior
Hardweave Jacket
Hardweave Leggings

*? means I don't know it but expect there to be one of that name

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05.01.2012 , 11:30 PM | #5
That's about as far as I want to get into making a list. If anyone wants to take it from here, go for it, just remember where you got it from!

M_o_s_e_s's Avatar

05.02.2012 , 05:07 AM | #6
That's awesome guys, lets try and get this finished ! I'm not Armormech otherwise I would do it myself, however Im going to try and find some pics to match up to some of the clothes... When finished I will put it all together into a new post and give credit where credit is due, maybe we could get a sticky !

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05.02.2012 , 05:45 AM | #7
I was just about to ask if we know if there's any orange gloves that match with the newly crafted gear as to get as complete a "set" as possible.
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05.02.2012 , 07:35 PM | #8
Here is what I've found/bought so far (long list, including augment schematics):

Augment -Absorb 2 (+2 absorb rating lvl-9)
Augment -Reflex 2 (+2 reflex lvl-9)
Augment -Reflex 4 (+4 Aim - lvl 13)
Augment -Shield 07 (5/1 shield rating/power lvl-19)
Augment -Shield 22 (13/8 shield rating/power lvl-49)
Heavy -Chanlon Onslaught Chestguard
Heavy -Chanlon Onslaught Greaves
Heavy -Chanlon Onslaught Helmet
Heavy -Commando Elite Greaves (Trooper/Knight - lvl 43)
Heavy -Commando's Greaves (Trooper/Jedi Knight/lvl 19)
Heavy -Electrum Onslaught Chestguard (lvl 50)
Heavy -Electrum Onslaught Greaves
Heavy -Electrum Onslaught Helmet
Heavy -Hydraulic Press Chestguard (lvl 15 Warrior/BH)
Heavy -Hydraulic Press Greaves (lvl 15 Warrior/BH)
Heavy -Lacqerous mesh greaves (lvl 39)
Heavy -Lacqerous Mesh Helmet (lvl 39)
Heavy -Mercenary Elite Greaves (Warrior/BH - lvl 43)
Heavy -Mercenary's Chestguard (warrior/bh/lvl 19)
Heavy -Mercenary's Helmet (warrior/bh/lvl 19)
Heavy -Phobium Onslaught Chestguard (lvl 35)
Heavy -Phobium Onslaught Greaves
Heavy -Phobium Onslaught Helmet
Heavy -Professional's Chest (warrior/bh/lvl 11)
Heavy -Professional's Leggings (warrior/bh/lvl 11)
Heavy -RD-13B Striker Greaves (321 24/20/10 a/e/crit)
Heavy -Republic Trooper's Greaves (Trooper/Knight - lvl 15)
Heavy -Tempered Laminoid Chestguard (lvl 23)
Heavy -Tempered Laminoid Greaves (lvl 23)
Heavy -Tempered Laminoid Helmet (lvl 23)
Heavy -TH-16B Elite Corpsman Belt (62/41/6 a/e/pwr lvl-45)
Heavy -TT-14A Interceptor Helmet
Heavy -Vagabond Chestguard (warrior/bh/lvl 27)
Heavy -Vagabond Helmet (warrior/bh/lvl 27)
Medium -Agent's Jacket (warrior/agent/lvl 15)
Medium -Agent's Pants (warrior/agent/lvl 15)
Medium -Drelliad Jacket (smuggler/knight lvl 11)
Medium -Fortified Lacqerous Jacket (lvl 39)
Medium -Fortified Lacqerous Leggings (lvl 39)
Medium -Gunslinger's Headgear (Smuggler/Knight -lvl 19)
Medium -Hardweave Jacket (warrior/agent/lvl 11)
Medium -Hardweave Leggings (warrior/agent/lvl 11)
Medium -Hooligan's Jacket (Warrior/Agent/lvl 27)
Medium -Lacqerous Battle Jacket (lvl 35)
Medium -Lacqerous Battle Leggings (lvl 35)
Medium -Laminoid Battle Jacket (medium/orange/lvl 23)
Medium -lvl 11 Drelliad Leggings (Knight/smuggler)
Medium -lvl 15 Rugged Smuggling Leggings (Knight/smuggler)
Medium -lvl 19 Gunslinger's Jacket (Knight/smuggler)
Medium -lvl 27 Spec Ops Headgear (Knight/smuggler)
Medium -Plasteel Battle Headgear (medium/orange)
Medium -Plasteel Battle jacket (medium/orange)
Medium -Plasteel Battle Leggings (medium/orange)
Medium -Polyplast Battle Headgear (lvl 47)
Medium -Polyplast Ultramesh Headgear (lvl 50)
Medium -Polyplast Ultramesh Jacket (lvl 50)
Medium -Polyplast Ultramesh Leggings (lvl 50)
Medium -RD-02B Combat Jacket (21/16 e/c/lvl 15)
Medium -RD-04A Watchman Headgear
Medium -RD-04B Sharpshooter Gloves (lvl 30 42/28/19 e/c/pwr)
Medium -RD-06A Fury Jacket (lvl 43)
Medium -RD-07A Elite Watchman Headgear (lvl 50)
Medium -Rugged Smuggling Jacket (Smuggler/Knight -lvl 15)
Medium -Sniper Elite Headgear (Warrior/Agent/lvl 43)
Medium -Sniper Elite Leggings (Warrior/Agent/lvl 43)
Medium -Sniper's Jacket (warrior/agent/lvl 19))
Medium -Sniper's Leggings (Warrior/agent/lvl 19)
Medium -TD-05A Marksman Boots (lvl 32 36/40/21 e/c/pwr)

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05.03.2012 , 08:39 AM | #9
I honestly do not recall where I found this. But gives you images of what each set looks like.

SWTOR Armormech Orange Schematics