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FrankSpencer's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 01:06 PM | #1
So, tonight I log on and am 800th in the queue... fair enough I will watch some TV while I wait, it's not a problem, I expected queues like this at the start.

At 57 in the queue I disconnect, now I am 980th in the queue and decidedly annoyed! Why am I not back at the same position in the queue that I left when I d/c'ed? This issue has been raised and fixed multiple times in several MMORPGs before this one, so why was it not considered?

Averran's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 01:13 PM | #2
Hello everyone,

We know that having to go through queues more than once, or due to a recent disconnection, is an important topic and in order to keep the discussion together we ask that everyone use this thread. This will also help to ensure our forums are tidy and everyone can participate in this ongoing conversation.

You may also want to take a look at this thread where an official statement has been made about server queues in general

We will be closing this thread, feel free to carry on in either of those discussions!