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Best pvp stealther class

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Best pvp stealther class

kirorx's Avatar

05.02.2012 , 05:40 AM | #11
Since you the OP wants a Stealther Class then its DPS Smuggy/OP.

I have on of those on Jung Ma and popping out of stealh, shotting in the back of the head then kick in the junk followed by a pistol whip (or 2) and then if they are not dead....well you can stun again with the grenade and by now you can shoot them again in the head from behind.

If my smuggy gets the jump on are dead.

I have an assassin too, very good for PvP but I play it as kind of tank with stealth escape....very versatile and extremly fun for pvp but i would not say its the best for pvp stealther.

rymanx's Avatar

05.02.2012 , 10:26 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmasterr View Post

This guy knows what hes talking about, and should definitively listen to his advice.


as for the OP :

if you like to kill ppl fast and heal asssist go operative.

If you like to be hard to kill and have allot of utility go for assassin
why the sarcasm? is that all you fixated on? i also listed the flash bang stun that breaks and an immobilize knife? or was reading any farther too hard for you outside the parentheses.

No op can kill people "fast" in the heal spec. you still get ok damage. but your roll as a op healer in WZ 9/10 times is run around and kite while you laugh and spam the heal that consumes TA until your friends come to help you. so, good job for healing yourself but you dont really help the team other then soaking up damage and being a decoy, but, if thats what you like to do....

To the OP, go assassin.....ops/scoundrels need some reworking to be viable. they dont bring anything to huttball. voidstar you might be able to sneak a door. and if there is a sorc there, hes probably heals, so hes going to kite you around and call in for back up at which point your screwed. if you did get them down, it took way too long and his help has arrived. Novare coast, same thing. alderaan, same thing.

you want long term viability to pvp? go assassin