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Thoughts about Close Combat Improvements

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Thoughts about Close Combat Improvements

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04.29.2012 , 01:39 PM | #1
I just switched the language so Dev's can actually read this. Also if I'm posting this in the wrong forum sorry for that.

To my topic:

I played my Sentinel twink to max level this week und beside all the damn animationbugs there was one thing that also was disturbing me. The requirement of a target.
So today the most spells you have as a Jedi/Sith require a target. It's simply because of the overall not-so-much-inovative combat system of swtor.
And most of us know TERA. Now you think ? TERA ?! naah that doesn't work. And of course mostly I would agree but the game has already the abillity to improve itself and make it less clunky. For example the spell Stormblow (Google trans said that but I don't think it's the correct name).
It doesn't require any targets and hits everything in front of you. It's supossed to be an aoe-spell.
Also swtor can choose automaticly a target for you and you hit it. It's in the game. My main point is that you should also be able to hit the guy directly in front of you if your target is the other guy 5 meters away from you.

So let's think the practise things through shall we !?

What would hypothetically happen if would remove any target requirements from close combat spells.

There are some spells that do require from there functuality that you have to have a target. Like things where you throwing your lightsaber. These spells won't loose there target requirement.

All other spells would hit everything infront of you. Now everybody is screaming **** THAT SO OP !!111

And I'm asking: Is it ? Clearly when you are leveling you have the situation that there more than one enemy in front of you. And you CAN have this situation in every gamemode. But in the end it's all mathstuff and nothing that you can't balance.

In the end all it would change is that you wouldn't get the damn error that you are out of range. The UI also wouldn't have to much of a problem with it. It would add more realism to close combat and improve the feeling of it.
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05.02.2012 , 08:36 AM | #2
Certain attacks are balanced so that they can hit multiple targets. They either do less damage, cost more resources or have a cast time/long cooldown. A trade-off has to be made for that ability. Especially since in this game circumstances where you are only fighting one enemy are much more rare than where you are fighting small to medium-sized groups.

TERA may be able to get away with it, but it's a different game. Different rules, different situations.

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05.02.2012 , 10:21 AM | #3
I'm sure it is nearly impossible. I bet the whole combat engine should be rewritten to support this fully. Also it will raise a bunch of gameplay problems with almost every combat ability.
The fact is: SWTOR was not designed for that kind of combat. Redesign would take too long and too many resources.

Of course I'm not SWTOR developer and I may be wrong, but I am software developer and from my experience your idea is too ambitious.
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