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Will the Holonet Galactic Timeline Ever be Completed?!

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Will the Holonet Galactic Timeline Ever be Completed?!

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03.11.2012 , 05:31 AM | #1

Pretty good abridged story and voiced over by Lance Henriksen (Stephen McHattie?). I hope that it didn't get forgotten and gets finished. Does anyone know if Master Gnost-Dural makes an actual appearance in the game or get to interact with him for a mission quest?

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03.11.2012 , 06:30 AM | #2
Good questions. I'd like to see this completed too.

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03.11.2012 , 07:15 AM | #3
It's been stuck on the same part since before the game was released. They seem to have forgotten about it. I check back every week to see if there's a new installment, but we're 3 months from launch now and nothing.

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05.02.2012 , 08:05 AM | #4
It was about a year before launch since they released the last installment. Back in the day, during the years we spent waiting for this game, the timeline vid's were the main thing we had to look forward to. I too would like to know if this will ever be completed, especially now that they have been taken out of timeline form after 3... nearly 4 years of being uncompleted in timeline form...
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05.02.2012 , 08:07 AM | #5
A few weeks ago, someone asked this question and the Devs said that they weren't going to complete the Timeline. Feels bad, man.
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Hey there, all! This thread has passed the dreaded 1,000 post limit, and is now in fire. Thanks for the fun, but we feel this discussion as run its course. We will not be restarting this thread.
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05.02.2012 , 08:09 AM | #6
Greetings everyone!

We wanted to give you the latest information on this topic located in our Community Blog for March 23, 2012:

Pzljug: When are you guys going to finish the Timeline on the Holonet?

Stephen Reid (Senior Community Manager): When the Timeline series was begun we weren’t entirely sure how many timelines would be needed to detail relevant backstory for The Old Republic and left ‘blank spaces’ on the Timeline that, we thought, would all be filled in with Timeline entries. Ultimately, we feel we’ve detailed all the relevant backstory required, so no more Timeline entries going back into earlier history are planned. However, we know how much players enjoyed the lore details, style and presentation of Timelines, so we’re planning to continue that with a different series (currently unscheduled!) which will detail other aspects of the lore of The Old Republic.
We hope this helps!