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Epic battles, duels, and more "fun" combat.

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Epic battles, duels, and more "fun" combat.

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05.01.2012 , 06:54 PM | #1
As the developers of ToR have said many times as this subject came up they want to give us the players that "epic" feel in fights. On more than one occasion they had said that they do the best they can to give players the epic 1v1 duel scenes like in the movies/books; only they have not done it in a very epic way. All PvE is boring after 2-3 runs, all fights are "don't stand in this and beat enrage while interrupting" fights, and PvP a (4-6)-global-cooldown-death spree. And I have a suggestion to help this in a way.

I have 3 50s and have played every class at least to 25 but keep in mind anyway that this is mearly a suggestion and my numbers are faaaarrrrr from being implementation-perfect. To get a more epic feel in fights we need more self-healing; watchmen do it, balance consulars do it, even good guardian tanks do it (second wind). Nothing major of course because we still need healers, but just long-cooldown or very tiny heals to make fights last longer when done right (similar to a watchman sentinel.) Damage reduction needs to be taken into account for this and many classes' defensive cooldowns would need to be tweeked/removed to not overpower certain classes. All heals should be talent-tree dependent, and high on the trees to prevent abuse.

Knight: As a melee class knights need survivability, as noticed in their many defensive cooldowns. Due to the self healing Sentinels should lose Pacify and Guarded By the Force (Undying Rage).
-Dispatch heals self for 10% when striking a killing blow.(for all specs, to give knights and warriors the snowball feel that many melee players are used to.)

-Blade storm heals self for 5% when it critically hits. (not the dot from vigilance's talent, yes i know combat has a garenteed crit)

-Force sweep heals self for 2% per stack of Singularity (8% at full stacks, and only when targets are hit)

Riposte heals for 2% maximum health, possibly tied to Blade Barricade.

Watchman: Merciless Zeal changed to heal for 3% on dot crits, up from 2%.

Consular Though the lightest armored class in the game, consulars already have several "get out of jail free cards" including force speed and the sage bubble.

Seer: Healing tree, no need

-Telekinetic Momentum procs heal for 1% hp. (approx 5% every 25 seconds in normal pve situations, less in pvp due to mobility)

Balance: Buff Psychic Absorption by +1%.

Kinetic Combat: In addition to the spec's already nice self heal, Telekinetic Throw heals 3% when you critically hit. This effect cannot occur more than once ever 1.5 seconds.

Infiltration: As an assassin/stealth class self heals should be kept to a minimum
-Shadow Technique critical hits heal for 1% of maximum health

Smuggler: Despite being the least popular class, smugglers do not need much when it comes to self-healing. Gunslingers as ranged classes do not need it as much, and scoundrels already have some self-healing routes.
-Dodge now heals self for 7% over 3 seconds (the duration of the effect)

-High Impact Bolt refreshes your combat systems and heals you for 4% maximum health over 5 seconds. (Prevents Assault Specialization abuse feels more believable)

-Reactive Shield: already exists, effect should be lowered to 20% default (talented to 25 in Vanguard's Shield Specialist) but when used below 50% hp it also increases all healing received by 20% for the duration of the effect.
Note: Gives more utility to tanks and pvpers, be used to nul incomming damage when high (like a boss charging up an attack) and still be useful when low.

Several of these talents should be gotten at the cost of damage, like many other suvivability talents. I know my idea is far from perfect, but please offer suggestions and tips in the comments below on how you would feel about this. PvE encounters would just need a small buff in damage, single target for tanks, aoe for everyone else.