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Help Game not loading after Cutscene or anything

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Help Game not loading after Cutscene or anything

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12.17.2011 , 11:53 AM | #1
So i got SWTOR in the mail today, i have early access (apparntly anyway), i do everything subscription code, instaling, registration code, Patch the Game, hit play, and as soon as the cinematic ends it just goes to my Desktop?!

and now it doesnt even reach as far as the cinematic it just loads that picuture u see on the box for about 4 seconds and goes right back to my desktop, ive re installed it Twice and still the same out come, i really dont know what to do. everytime i hit log in, for a few seconds it appears its downloading something as it goes 20MB left, but this instantly dissapears and Play becomes avaliable. but if i hit it nothing happens.

Help me please !!

When i load it that blue sinning thing stops spinning after about 4 seconds and just freezes and quits, i did one time manage to get to the Server selection screen but no servers were listed..???

I use Intel i7 with Window 7 64bit is there any capability issues?
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