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Wow really?

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12.17.2011 , 10:16 AM | #1
ok Origin has no record of my purchase.. but they took my $5 preorder fee and i registered their product code to get in game.. but no record of me what so ever... so no game for me.. just pocket my cash i dont care (sarcasm) then the mobile authenicator issue.. doesnt work right.. its on my account and after 3 hours of hold time was told to send a scanned copy of my photo ID to saying i want the key removed.. no idea how long its gonna take.. i mean really as much as i hated Blizz atleast they removed my authenicator over the phone once verifying that it was me they were talking to.. but ok ill play along.. i do this.. now im waiting.. so i ask they guy at CS for SWTOR about the origin problem maybe they have had other issues.. he transfers me to billing.. who then just picks up the phone and hangs it up.. really? FML i <3 Star Wars.. everyone else involved in this fiasco i want to die in an angry fire right now
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