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Someone give me a reason not to drop Artifice.

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Someone give me a reason not to drop Artifice.

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04.25.2012 , 10:12 AM | #31
Because it will change?

Seriously, most people are so miffed that 1.2 didn't fix everything... I really wonder if those people played vanilla wow and watched it change and morph over the years.

Back then, the crafting skills were all sorts of screwed up, and it was only in the last couple of years that blizz even introduced a way to balance end-game perks within each profession, and yet they still had huge issues.

Right now, we're seeing what any crafting profession is used to seeing: really cool stuff that you have to wait till near-end-game to use and can be replaced almost immediately by something better... think about it: if you can craft the best stuff, what is the point of them putting sweet gear in the ops? I can just sit around all day waiting for that little yellow text to pop up with "Great Success" rather than head to a op with 7 of my closest buddies.

When BW gets around to it, the RE-s will be fixed, and that will make a lot of professions happy.

I'm torn between your purported statement of "I don't care about money" and your looking into the $-based reasons to stay artificing. If I'm on your server, I say dump artificing, that means one less person I'll have to compete with when BW swings the pendulum back from the Biochem-flavored month that everyone seems to think is the game at this point.

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04.25.2012 , 11:19 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Optionalboss View Post
Because it will change?
Will it though? 1.2 was supposed to be the beginning of that change and there are very few reasons for anyone to stick with any craft outside of biochem.

Take me for example. I have rakata crit crafted relics, bracers, and belts (dps and tank sets). I'm also neither synthweave or artifice, but am biochem. Yes, exotech stims are better than rakata stims and yes, prototype medpacks are better than rakata medpacks, but biochem lets me use these items without any worry of running out. I have dps and tank adrenals that I can pop whenever the need (or want) arises because I don't have to replace them. Don't need the added HP or defense for this fight? Ok, I just switch to a DPS stim; who cares if I had 1hr 30min left on my old stim and I can then switch right back to a defensive stim afterward. I also have an alt who can make all of the crit armor I will ever need and a guildmade with an alt who can make me a crit weapon whenever I need it.

I'm not saying everyone should go the route I did, but there is little incentive not to if someone wanted to. In my opinion they need to make it so the specific items a crew skill can make such as belts and bracers for armor and synth, weapons for arms, relics or lightsabers with art, or earpieces wtih cyber and make it so there can't be a crit version of these items, ever, BUT a crafter with a specific skill can put an augment slot on that specific item that also comes with it a requirement of 400 in that craft: Synth can aug their belts and bracers, arts can aug their relics, arms can double aug their MH weapon, cyber can double aug their earpieces, etc. Thats just my 2cents.

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04.25.2012 , 11:21 AM | #33
Augmented lightsabers.
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04.25.2012 , 11:23 AM | #34
But you can level from 0-400 in one day WHILE STILL RAIDING OR RUNNING FLASHPOINTS OR DOING DAILIES. It eats up maybe a grand total of 30 minutes of your time, to figure out which recipes to craft, hit the GTN for any mats your guild bank doesn't have or you don't have left over from previous professions, assign your crew members to missions, etc.

So saying "I'm going to keep my 400 Artifice because someday it will be great" makes no sense to me. None. I don't get it at all. I could get keeping it for roleplaying reasons. I could get keeping it because your guild relies on you to make their crit lightsabers (thought I think that would be a lame reason, I'd still understand it). But I don't get keeping it because it will be good "someday", when the cost of moving between professions is 30 minutes of your time and a small outlay of credits (we can argue about the number, but certainly well less than you can get by just doing the dailies in Ilulm and Corellia, so 60-90 minutes of your time).

I also don't understand people who are saying that you should keep artifice because you can make lightsabers with augment slots and high end color crystals. Please explain this to me. I need 2 lightsabers and 2 color crystals. I could get all of those for the price of the materials from someone in my guild who isn't into raiding and has Artifice because they're not interested in min/maxing. If I wasn't in a guild, I could take the crystals out of my rakata lightsabers (we are talking about raiders here, let's be reasonable, they have access to +41 crystals without needing to resort to an artificer), so I'd only need to buy the lightsabers. The price on those varies from server to server, and hasn't stabalized yet on all servers, but worst-case scenario you're looking at a total of maybe 600k. Probably a lot less, but shouldn't be more than that. So you're saying that it's worth staying in Artifice to save 600k?

It is true that you can use Exotech adrenals that are better than the re-usable adrenals that Biochems can make. If you are one of the handful of guilds that is clearing Nightmare mode Ops within a week of 1.2 coming out, then yeah, you're going to use those. For everyone else, there's a serious tradeoff to be made. We're not talking about a couple of hours of farming dailies to buy a couple of lightsabers. If you're using an Exotech Adrenal every time the CD is up on every boss fight, you're talking serious amounts of cash. Even if you're getting them for the cost of the materials from a guild mate (and I pity the guy that's making stacks of exotech adrenals for 5 other people that want to raid), you're still looking at spending many hours every week just to pay for your adrenals. Or you can live with a slightly worse adrenal that's free. That's actually a real decision, it's not a slam dunk to pay for the exotech; and in fact, I don't know of a single person on my server that actually uses the exotech adrenals. Ever.

I don't really care, I'm not that interested in crafting and the overall DPS increase from using the adrenal vs. not using it is small enough that I'm willing to live with it. It would make the difference from time to time-- for example, running a bunch of undergeared guild mates through HM EV last night, we wiped when Soa had 8,000 health left, which probably would have been accounted for by the free biochem adrenal-- but it wouldn't make the difference often enough to get me all worked up about it. It just means an extra attempt from time to time. If I was in a high end progression raiding guild, then of course that attitude wouldn't be acceptable.
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04.25.2012 , 12:22 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by scorpinot View Post
You can RE the 200 daily com relics to learn the schematic and crit craft them, then sell the uncritted ones for a few mil and the crited ones for 4million+. Or use them for yourself and have the best relic possible.

^Assuming the crafted ones are BoE. The crafted black hole implants are BoE so I'm assuming it's the same for the daily relics. I saw a dev post about how they would be re-able, but I don't know if they will be BoE or BoP when you craft them. Confirmation on this would be great.
Crafted relics today are BoP, at least pre-patch. I'm pretty sure that all the end-game crafted items that the different skills offer (like the relic, the belt, the bracers) that are worthwhile for crit-crafting, are BoP. If they were BoE, then yes, Artifice and other skills would be able to generate a bit more money, but would not be as useful as a reusable adrenal IMO.

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04.25.2012 , 12:37 PM | #36
Update: Dropped Artifice like a bad habit and took up Synthweaving for making augments, which are a lot less stressful to make than praying for a crafted crit on orange items. Best part is I was able to also drop treasure hunting and get bioanalysis for making money. But like someone said 200-300k and a few hours and I can level it up again if it ever becomes useful. Maxing crew skills is stupid easy if you've got money, which stupid easy to make.

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04.25.2012 , 01:07 PM | #37
I'm artifice. I have no intentions of dropping it but there is still a lot of other stuff I wonder about. I got augmented relics and lightsaber. So far Ive only obtained one enhancement past 22, a 24 from HM KP. They say the magenta color crystal drops in Black Hole, but many hours later have had no luck getting one. Torhead shows mods up to 28?!? So there are all these mods and crystals out there, but close to impossible to obtaining!

So for the mean time I just use my artifice to get mats for my synthweaver who is also my slicer.
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04.25.2012 , 03:16 PM | #38
It will change because the game will evolve and change and new things will be added.
1.2 changed a lot of things, including what the OP has gone into now- that being the augments coming from SWing. I can easily see 1.3 adding something for Artifice and Cybertech that puts something else out on the market along the lines of Arms/Armor/Synth got with the augments. They will have to add something because not everyone is going to stay content with magenta and the other added schematics. If they don't, then they will have failed, but for now, you found something else to go into.

Good on ya for that. If I had the time to change profs at each and every time I hit 400 to make all my stuff, I'd probably get on board with that, but the 30minutes being spread out over a few hours to keep prepping my comps to make stuff is better spent at this point in time.

However, my 6 characters have their own crafting profs and I'll make what I need from them.
I'm also one of those guys that plays the class because I like it, not because it necessarily was always the best class for the moment. Shaman from vanilla days kind of thing.

Regardless of all that- glad you are happy with your switch

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04.26.2012 , 05:05 AM | #39
I cant switch ive uncovered to many schems now.. it would cost me too much to drop and pick up something else.. which is why its so frustrating with stupid things like relics being bind on pickup. I have no choice im stuck with artifice... I just dont know why the rakata craft stuff is still BOP Its still expensive to craft these .. Its not like the market will be flooded not like with new augment orange which dont require high end materials too craft.